Saturday, January 9, 2021

Mysterious Disappearance of Flu

Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego

Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records

One of the most bizarre features of the alleged COVID-19

has been the mysterious disappearance of the seasonal flu in
medical and public health record keeping.

It's as if the Flu just
vanished into thin air after being the most common perennial seasonal
respiratory virus.

As it turns out, recorded seasonal influenza cases have literally
nosedived by 98% across the globe.

This improbable phenomenon has led a number of experts to ask, "Has
Covid killed off the flu?"

"The disappearing act began as Covid-19 rolled in towards the end of our
flu season in March. And just how swiftly rates have plummeted can be
observed in 'surveillance' data collected by the World Health
Organisation (WHO),"

WHO spokesperson, Dr Sylvie Briand, recently claimed during a press
briefing that "literally there was nearly no flu in the Southern
hemisphere" of the planet Earth in 2020,

but gave no real explanation as
to why.

She then went on to extend this magical thinking saying that,

"We hope that the situation will be the same in the Northern Hemisphere."

Truly extraordinary science by the health experts at the WHO.

Earlier in December, Southern California news outlet KUSI raised the
alarm which prompted an audit of COVID statistics in their region…

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – COVID-19 cases continue to increase across
California, and here in San Diego County, but flu cases remain extremely
low in comparison to this time in previous years.

We are well into flu season, but San Diego County's data for flu
infections only shows 36 reported cases so far this year.

Carl DeMaio
tweeted out this shocking revelation, comparing it to this time in other
years saying,

"In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average!"

DeMaio explained, "if you are going to use a set of numbers like COVID
stats to shut down the economy, to take people's livelihoods away, then
we have to really look closely at what those numbers really mean, and
whether those numbers are giving us the right picture."


concern has been from the get go, that we are relying on numbers from
government agencies, that may have a different agenda at stake.

We would
benefit from having a different set of eyes looking at them, such as an
auditor or a citizens review committee.

Because again, the decisions
being made on these data sets are sweeping, the lockdowns are far
reaching in terms of their impact."

DeMaio then said San Diego County has refused to have any look over or
vet our local COVID-19 numbers.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, joined KUSI's Jason Austell
on Good Morning San Diego to explain why he is calling for a "full audit
of the COVID-19 data we are seeing reported from our public health system."

BREAKING – San Diego County data for FLU infections shows **only 36
cases** so far this year. In a typical year we get over 17,073 on average!

Once again, I'm calling for a full audit of the Covid-19 data we
are seeing reported from our public health system.

As different pressure groups and journalists begin to demand answers
from the various health authorities, it's becoming clear now that there
has likely been some degree of widespread, systemic administrative fraud
designed to over-inflate COVID-19 numbers to the detriment of every
other normal seasonal illness or disease.

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