Sunday, January 3, 2021

Marx vs. big government, Kapital Fauci Lied – He Never Took the Maderna Vaccine

You get the fake vaccine if you have low social esteem.

You get the true vaccine if you have high social esteem.

Esteem is determined by the Emperor and underlings computerized "social credit score"

Everything you click online is monitored by hundreds of companies.
Everything you buy, any phone calls, texts, emails… are monitored.
You have dossiers on you in China and hundreds of places.

I installed more secure Linux on numerous computers and use VPNs and evasive tactics when needed.
Learn how to make enemy machines destroy themselves or spread disinformation.

Marx was a big fat Jew wrote Das Kapital 1867 in England on how the rich 1% elites conspire with big government and big companies to screw poor people.

Similar to deep state, billionaire, big pharma, big media conspiracies of today (without a sitting monarchy as in England).
Back in the 60s it was called the "eastern liberal establishment" led by Nixon Rockefeller Republicans millionaires big business ivy league.

Now Democrats have joined the liberal establishment, both east and west coast.
Both Democrats and republicans are run by deep state big business.

Trump Limbaugh alternative independent media fighting against the deep state is similar to Marx battles with the English monarchy and nobility.

Marx described how society and could be made more fair by socialism / communism.
Mostly taboo by the mainstream today.
Most colleges do not teach it - you will have to read books.

Trumpism will probably join Marxism as taboo.

It would take 10 years to read the literature and define the words.
You can find hundreds of books in the library, and some college degrees on in Massachusetts.
Called Marxism, radical political economy, heterodox economics, other buzzwords.
There are a few alternative teachers.

One of my advisors at Berkeley is a big shot on it and I attended a few meetings:

You can watch Robin Hood Movie Russell Crowe on how the British Empire elites developed before Karl Marx and guns. Or learn Latin to study Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

What is power and who has it?

"All power comes out of the barrel of a gun."- Chairman Mao.

Fodder for thought,


Rich wrote: We have no more 'government.'

Private companies now do everything.

• fight wars -- Haliburton, Blackwater, etc.
• Inform the public about national concerns-- FB, MSM, Instagram
• collect garbage -- Local/Regional companies
• Postal delivery -- Amazon, FED EX, UPS
• Community Hospitals -- various HMO's, private companies
• Police -- private security
• Prisons -- corporate enterprise
• explore space -- Space X
• mapping -- google
• store information -- google
• communications -- AT&T
• regulate capital -- Wall St.
• etc.

So why do we need a government?

The government only exists to assign contracts to these entities (their buddies)-- for bribes.

We think we elect people to represent our interests -- what a joke.

If the government wasn't criminal before,
it now makes the mafia look like Mother Theresa running the Peace Corps.

Corporatism is nearly complete.
The government is a Lame Duck.

Rich L............out.........

Gregory wrote:

These people or the CGI of them may be under Trump admin control to discredit Big Pharma.

Think vaccine harmed Trump Jr, thousands of anti vax MD's whose opinions are suppressed .


> Ron wrote:

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