Sunday, January 3, 2021

Export pork to feed China while hunger in the USA????!!!!

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Happy New Year!

I still get up early and watch the farm report before going to gym 5AM-2PM.
Rain, sleet, snow, ice, dark, dangerous 2 mile walk over and 2 miles back.
9 hours in gym is a daily 31 mile walk / think - a huge time investment.

I see on the TV idiot box the puzzling phenomenon of
big fat Americans lined up in
big fat expensive cars at
"food banks"
"free food distribution centers"
to combat "food insecurity" in a land of plenty.

while USA produces more food than ever,
Drive I-80 Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio
you will be amazed at 1000 miles of cornfields.
Why "food insecurity?"

At the same time as huge obesity pandemic destroyed immune systems cannot resist colds flu covid SARS MERS,… and lesser diseases.

I notice covid victims on TV idiot box are obese or addicts or gay pre-existing conditions.
Why not mandatory weight loss?
Running is free,
gyms are cheaper than disease.
Tax on fat people to spread the food from the overfed to underfed!

Obama failed to give a single bushel of corn-on-the-cob per week to every household?
Obamacare failed to give negroes a face mask?
Real cheap preventions to prevent hunger and disease!
Did Obama not care?

Why not tax food exports to China?
Or outlaw food exports until food lines in USA disappear?
Or just first strike nuclear war on China?

China is hungry and running out of food: bats, cats, rats, scorpions, lobster…

China paid for Biden election so will now double or triple food imports from USA.

USA becoming a plantation for Global communism?
Is that the future?
Farmers seem to like food export profits and money from the federal government,
as I see daily on the TV idiot box farm show.

2020 China imported 7 MMT of corn (Millions of metric tons.)
That is a lot of corn, mostly fed to pigs.
Pork is the favored meat of China.
High fat / cholesterol is needed by the brain to get smart and rule the world.
Pork is not kosher, forbidden by the bible.
Jews and Muslims will not eat pork.

Now China triples corn imports to 22 MMT

report earlier this month from USDA

forecast for China's corn imports for 2020 to 2021 is increased from 7 MMT to 22 MMT.

The jump is attributed to depleted stocks to meet current demand.

Continually rising domestic corn prices will also drive demand for additional imports in 2020/21."

China Ministry of Agriculture's October China Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates:

China has had a corn supply gap for the last several years which has been met by auctions from reserves.

From May to September this year,
already auctioned off 57 MMT of reserves.
The final auction was held September 13 with no further auctions planned until Spring.

With tight reserves, sources indicate that substantial corn imports will be necessary to meet demand while also controlling further price increases and maintain stocks throughout 2021.

Already in 2020, China has used temporary reserves of wheat and rice and imports of feed quality wheat in substitution for high priced, domestic corn.

As of October 22, China has contracted for over 10 MMT of U.S. corn for delivery in MY 20/21, with only about 2.0 MMT shipped to date.

Ukraine, after making significant exports to China in 2019 2020,
has the potential to meet a sizable share of Chinese demand in the coming months.

WTO 7.2 MMT corn has already been filled for 2020,

and that China has quietly issued an additional 5 MMT to be used through December.

Beyond the WTO corn quota,
China plans to buy additional food for 2021."

"Millions of hungry pigs in China are setting off a chain reaction in the fuel market.

"A hog herd boom amid a push to revive supplies of the nation's favorite meat has driven up corn prices as demand for animal feed soars.

Biofuel costs increasing for fuel sellers
being forced to scale back its plans to sell E10,
a mix of 10% corn-derived ethanol and gasoline

"Corn prices have jumped more than 30% this year in China

as hog herds recovered more quickly than expected from African swine fever,

demand increased from the starch industry

and typhoons flattened the crop."

"China's soybean imports
following a buying spree in 2020.
Driven by concerns about
COVID-related supply disruptions and an uncertain bilateral relationship
with the United States,
China imported an estimated 98.5 MMT in 2019/20—a record high.

feed production and soybean crush are
projected to continue growing to meet demand from the
recovering swine herd and growing poultry sector

Rising agricultural exports to China are helping revive the fortunes of some agribusiness companies and farmers, after the coronavirus pandemic upended the U.S. farm sector."

U.S. pork exports to China 2020 $1.5 billion, a record, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture

soybean sales to China have surged since early August."

"Farm commodity sales to China are increasing as demand grows for food ingredients and animal feed,

dry weather has slowed planting in Brazil and raised concerns about how much it will harvest,"

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