Thursday, January 7, 2021

exercise cures cancer, Clzheimers,..... brain and body health

Exercise 7 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Sitting makes you sick and stupid.
Prevention aspect of exercise is well known.
Cure treatments now called "exercise oncology" etc.
Don't trust any doctor over age 30.
Much has been learned since 2010.
Go to college, follow instructions, study current textbooks until you get MD degree.
Don't waste time on the TV idiot box or computer moron box disinformation from big pharma.

Your muscles are pharmacies filled with life-saving chemicals.
Exercise pumps life-saving chemicals into your circulatory system and throughout your body.
The more you grow your muscles,
the more beneficial chemicals you can produce and store and distribute.
Pumping iron.
Bigger is better.

Music improves exercise.
Dance to the music.

Team sports essential.
Eye contact essential.
Cooperation and competition.

Use 7 different sports and gyms per week,
rotating throughout the year to match the weather,
49 sports gyms per year.

Americans becoming robot tiny brain sheeple herded by Hollywood Communist China electronics.
You get enough music and electronics at the gyms.
Running marathons decades ago I heard music blasting all over San Francisco.

Stanford MD how she overcame shyness and depression by becoming an aerobics instructor podcast:

Show 1194: How You Can Discover the Joy of Movement

When you experience the joy of movement,
you get multiple benefits for physical and mental health.

Humans are built to move, and anthropologists
hypothesis that the "runners high" helped our species survive
when hunting and gathering both required sustained physical activity.

Getting a reward from activity itself helped people do what they needed to do
to find food
to keep their communities alive.

Finding the Joy of Movement:

Not everyone loves running,
but running is not the only activity that can make you feel good.

Some people swim, others dance, and many play sports like tennis or soccer.

Have you found the activity that lets you experience the joy of movement?

Do you have a special playlist that lifts your spirits while you work out?

What about a group of people that like to join you when you are active?

It could be your workout class, your team or a group of friends who enjoy walking with you.

All of you encourage each other and provide social support as well as an incentive to keep moving.

Tapping Physical Activity for Healing:

Cancer patients who are physically active improve their odds of surviving longer.

They also enjoy a better quality of life while undergoing treatment.

That's why our friend Tom Ferguson (Doc Tom) brought a stationary bike into his hospital room when he underwent a bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma.

The data are strong enough that cancer programs should consider including exercise oncology as part of their offerings.

Movement can also benefit people with many other serious conditions.
You might not think that patients with Parkinson disease would be able to experience the joy of movement since moving is difficult for them.
However, being able to move can feel wonderful and help alleviate symptoms.

Changing our Stories Through the Joy of Movement:

How do you think of yourself?
Just moving your body can give you feedback:
you are strong,
you are graceful,
you are quick.

You may not get this wonderful feedback the first time you try an activity.
It takes time to learn to do any new movement with the proper form and with power.

Figure on six weeks to learn to enjoy a new way of moving.

Find out how you can learn to appreciate the joy of movement and incorporate it into your life every day.

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