Wednesday, December 2, 2020

you are targeted, manipulated by electronics, warn on Germany WW1

If you watch TV idiot box for 5 minutes per day,
then you have to run 5 minutes per day
to recover lost brain function.
And you will still be dis-informed by time wasted on disinformation.
Exercise helps neurogenesis - you can actually get smarter as you age if you run enough.

Massive disinformation happened 100+ years ago to justify war on Germany
using paper media, mostly.
Worse disinformation happens now electronically
including brain damage by electronics.
Sex, drugs, rock and roll 1960s hippie communists wanted to blow your mind.
It worked, lost generation idiot baby boomers why such a mess today.
Techniques of mass distraction disinformation are worse now.
Junk food is worse now.
Drugs are worse now.
My 31 year old neighbor suicide by alcohol poisoning supposedly.
Depressed cat owner, looked like an addict,
probably smoked pot and watched TV idiot box.
His mother and sister found his body,
I saw the ambulance cops fire trucks arrive.
Cleaned out in a few days, whole apartment to be rehabbed 4 years of smoke and cat germs.

Massive apartment construction in town,
house sales booming due to low interest rates.
But with students staying home cheap with parents,
how can empty buildings fill so many apartments?
Looks like huge losses for banks and investors unless vaccine stops the China virus
and terrorized covidiots get back to normal.

Kamelass inherits economy damaged by anti-Trump weaponized hysteria.
Kamelass will get the blame.
Problem with anti-populism is that people vote,
and if people figure out their best interest,
and their votes get counted correctly
then anti-populists will get booted out of office.

Democracy tends to vote out elitists
and vote in populists who help the people.
Why Trump is so wildly popular.
And the need for ballot fraud for elitists to hold onto power.

The problem now is whether brains are so fried by electronics and junk food
that they cannot figure out what is good for them

Huge fat book with historical details:

Manipulating the Masses:
President Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda
by John Maxwell Hamilton

tells the story of an enduring threat to American democracy
that arose out of World War I:

the establishment of pervasive,
systematic propaganda
as an instrument of the state.

During the Great War, the federal government exercised unprecedented power
to shape the views and attitudes of American citizens.

Its agent for this was the Committee on Public Information (CPI),
established by President Woodrow Wilson
one week after the United States entered the war
in April 1917.

Driven by its fiery chief, George Creel, the CPI
established a national newspaper,
cranked out press releases,
and interfaced with the press at all hours of the day.

It spread the Wilson administration's messages through
and advertisements in newspapers and magazines;
through feature films
and volunteer Four Minute Men
who spoke during intermission;

through posters plastered on buildings
and along highways;
and through pamphlets distributed by the millions.

It enlisted the nation's leading progressive journalists,
advertising executives,
and artists.

It harnessed American universities and their professors
to create propaganda
and add legitimacy to its mission.

Even as Creel insisted that the CPI was a conduit
for reliable, fact-based information,
the office regularly sanitized news,
distorted facts,
and played on emotions.

Creel extolled transparency but established front organizations.

Overseas, the CPI secretly subsidized news organs and bribed journalists.

At home, it challenged the loyalty of those who occasionally questioned its tactics.

Working closely with federal intelligence agencies eager
to sniff out subversives
and stifle dissent,

the CPI was an accomplice to the Wilson administration's trampling of civil liberties.

Until now, the full story of the CPI has never been told.

shows the shortcuts to open, honest debate
that even well-meaning propagandists take
to bend others to their views.

Every element of contemporary government propaganda has antecedents in the CPI.

It is the ideal vehicle for understanding the rise of propaganda,

its methods of operation,

and the threat it poses to democracy

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