Sunday, December 27, 2020

Vitamin D3, cancer, covid

100,000 IU D3 reverses metastatic cancer
(but is too much for non-sick people)

10,000 IU D3 your skin makes if you get enough sun

10,000 IU D3 pills from Costco Kirkland works ok for one distinguished doctor.
His wife needs less.

Females, smaller people, and blonder people need less D3 from pills.

You need blood levels of 65ng of 25hydroxy
Blood test is the only way to tell if you are getting enough.
If your doctor is not measuring that then you goofed - change doctors.
Learn how to test your own blood.

Ivy league Jew doctor cannot get his research on the importance of Vitamin D3 published.
Big pharma wants you sick from D3 deficiency?
Covid, flu, colds, pneumonia,...

Beware of poison pills, fake pills, counterfeit pills,… run in the sun is best.

Pills do not provide nitric oxide needed to prevent stroke, heart attack….
Pills do not metabolize raw garlic into sulfur compounds needed to dissolve cholesterol to get into your brain to prevent dementia.
Run in the sun 26 miles per day to get your D3, nitric oxide, sulfur compounds, lose weight, stimulate brain growth….
Walking takes longer so generates more D3, etc.
Why Hawaii people live longer.

Show 1240 Research indicates a link between low vitamin D and COVID-19 infection

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