Wednesday, December 16, 2020

organic run beach: Best 2 mile time for the year


I wonder if organic is true or if it is just expensive inorganic with liar label?

Oats are one of my favorite foods, and supposedly healthy beta-glucans and gluten free.
I discovered they cook the oats before putting it in the standard cylinders,
So 1996 I started eating them raw from the tube in the summer to avoid heating up the kitchen.
I did not experience any adverse effects.
Called muesli, national breakfast in Switzerland I had back in 1974.
Raisins can also be eaten raw.
I eat too many nuts (fat pills) but like them.
Seems many almond milks, soy milks, they put in pure cane sugar,
but that is still sugar! Not healthy.

Now I hear the farmers are putting glyphosate on both oats and wheat,
Not healthy!
so I am cutting back on oats until I can find a good organic source.
Have not not bought flour of any sort since 2011, don't use bread or wheat products or white potatoes.

I suspect a 1 or 2 day fast is enough.
Or cutting back to 1 meal a day,
I have often had 1 meal per day, or zero,
especially when traveling that I have done a lot of.

I think it is important to get protein daily or alternate days, especially as one gets older.
You can store fat and carbohydrates and oil soluble vitamins
But there is no storage form of protein.
You need protein in your blood at all times for your immune system,
and growth and maintenance and repair of all body tissues.
If muscles shrink then exercise will not burn as many excess calories too.
The people who need fasting the most are young fat slobs who have the most to lose.
Old farts suffer wasting away, wrinkling, sarcopenia from bad diet in general and lack of exercise.


From: Alan


I had not seen this email when I asked about heart rate again.

I wear a Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS watch, which displays my resting heart rate, as well as average heart rate, distance and pace, when walking or running.

It allows me to observe as my resting heart rate goes down when my fitness level increases.

We only use organic apples so I don't peel them.
We also use citrus fruit, kiwi, mangos and berries (organic only) for breakfast with our homemade granola (using organic rolled oats.)

The only time I use apple sauce is on the rare occasions when I am out of fresh apples, or wanting something which takes little digestion, when I am on a long fast.

I haven't used milk or cheese since 1965.
We make "milk" from raw organic cashews, some almonds, and a little salt, cinnamon and vanilla extract.



On Dec 15, 2020, at 4:07 AM, joe

My resting heart rate is usually below 60
and blood pressure below 99/66
When in best shape 1975 my resting heart rate was 30.

I have been time restricted eating since 1963.
Often one meal per day.
sometimes less (fast).
Usually 2 meals per day, light breakfast.
Occasionally 3 meals per day as in the military… too much.
If you eat more, then run more miles to burn up calories.

Fasting is very useful for everybody.
Time restricted, reduced number of meals,….
Does something with the hormones and makes me feel real good.
Overeating is a huge problem.
Fasting was a big part of human experience until recent overeating pandemic.

Yesterday I had 1 raw carrot and 8 almonds and black coffee for breakfast.
then dinner was 1 bowl of beans and more almonds and peanuts then sleep.
Too tired for vegetables.
Now I will have leftover green vegetables for breakfast that I was meaning to have last night.

Usually I add rice, lentils, or oats for calories.
But oats and wheat have recently been GMO to desiccate to save machinery.
Have to find organic steel cut oats.

I peel and eat raw apples, but avoid apple juice or apple sauce.
Apples are very sweet and high in pesticide.
I tend to avoid them except in the fall, seasonal.
Even then 1 bag per year is about all the apples I can take.
Oranges, grapefruit, berries are better.
I over-used fruits in the past, need to reduce.
I don't process fructose very well anyway.
Lactose is better for me.
Some are lactose intolerant,
but I am closer to fructose intolerant.

On Dec 14, 2020, at 10:56 AM, Alan


I just completed a mile in 11:16. Average pace for 2 miles was 11:28. Average heart rate 135.

Between the rower sprinting and the cold weather running/walking I think I can get under a 10 minute mile by the end of January.

What is your resting heart rate? Mine currently is 57. I think it has gone down one beat in the last month.

I started a fast this morning.
The plan is to use electrolytes and water for 5 days.
If it gets too difficult toward the end, I will have 4 oz of organic unsweetened apple sauce.
I did the 5 day fast twice earlier in the year.
I suspect I can reduce my body fat at least a couple of percent.

It is supposed to help the body use the weaker/
defective cells for energy, and then regenerate new cells afterward.
It is called autophagy.

I have done time-restricted eating since 1965.
This is eating only two meals, roughly 8 am and 4 pm, then fasting for 16 hours. It is supposed to increase longevity.

This is a short but excellent video on the subject:


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