Sunday, December 13, 2020

negro vaccinations Re: Democrats and Republicans suddenly become nice

I do not want a covid vaccination, or shingles, or pneumonia shots.
I quit flu shots in 2007.
Hot humid air melts, dissolves, eliminates the covid virus.
I am starting to think about moving south again.
Florida is the wettest, most humid, with the most beaches so you can walk around in bikini all day.
Hawaii has the lowest death rate so far, almost zero.

Maybe why Biden did not announce
Negroes to be first in line to be vaccinated
as a form of reparations and compassion.

Maybe Biden knows covid lethal vaccination would kill off democrats so they cannot vote?

I suspect Biden hates negroes.
Harris ancestors owned hundreds of negro slaves, supposedly.
But democrats need black votes.

Negroes are the race at the highest risk for covid in America.
Negroes are enslaved in America to play ball,
sell drugs, use drugs,
beat drums, sing rap,
get sick, addicted,
vote Democrat,
demand Obamacare medicare socialism….

However, Negroes in dark Africa are healthy, happy, better musicians, and relatively immune to viruses.
Very little covid in Africa due to hot sunny weather and less electronics
and healthy organic monkey meat, hippo burgers, rhino steaks, elephant stew,…

The coronavirus is ravaging the world.
But life looks almost normal in much of Africa.

fears of catching the coronavirus in Africa seem particularly ludicrous.
Almost every one of the continent's 54 countries,
while home to some of the least developed health-care systems in the world,
has registered fewer deaths from the virus in the last nine months
than the United States now suffers each day.

While testing has been comparatively limited,
the continent appears to have bucked the doomsday predictions of global health experts.
The telltale signs of severe outbreaks seen elsewhere
— crowded hospitals and a spike in deaths
— have emerged in only a handful of African countries.
Surveys by the World Health Organization
have found negligible excess mortality rates in most African countries,
reducing suspicion that many covid-19 deaths are going uncounted.

On Dec 13, 2020, at 12:40 PM, Lothar wrote:

Republicans don't mind if the 'blue States' get the VACCINE first,
but the Democrats insist on the 'red States'
to save their Republican people first.

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