Sunday, December 13, 2020

move to hawaii price drop

Hawaii has the best weather but has other problems.
Very expensive problem may be going away as pandemic drives prices lower, especially on rent.

No jobs means people will move home with parents
or leave the islands completely.
College students will not be coming to Hawaii either.
Tourists locked down in Asia will not be coming.
Californians locked down.

Leaving lots of empty apartments and condos and houses.
Prices dropping fast now.
No telling when prices will bottom out.

It is an easy move,
similar to move anywhere in USA.
But take more stuff to Hawaii as things cost more in Hawaii.
Here I just throw away and re-buy at new location
Walmart is cheaper than uhaul.

For Hawaii,
Put apartment stuff in steel box at your front door (we it here).
Cheap and easy.
Drive car to boat dock,
cheap to ship car to hawaii.
Fly with little luggage.
Move into new apartment.

On Dec 12, 2020, at 7:33 PM, Ruthe

Great place to live if your retired.
Hard move though.


, Joe


i have watched this building for years

hawaii depressed
worse than las vegas
no tourists asia or us
cannot drive there

must be many bargains

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