Thursday, December 24, 2020

inland survival. Re: Vegas: Getting too busy

inland survival. Re: Vegas: Getting too busy

There is no good medical care between UCLA and San Jose
Why few people and good jobs

Dont get trapped in small towns with no medical college or good hospital. 

You have lived inland your whole life. 
Like most Americans. 

Most quality living jobs resources are inland.  

Big problems everywhere along all coasts.  

California crisis has been overflowing into Oregon Nevada Seattle Arizona for decades.  Overpopulation. Addiction. Homeless. Smog. Pollution. Fires. Traffic. Environmental catastrophe.     

San Diego. Tucson. El Paso. 
The best out in the far west. 
All worse than Springfield Missouri. 

On Dec 23, 2020, awrote:

I hope all Californian's clear out. They can ruin Nevada next. The Governor is doing a good job of ruining us by himself. Too bad Northern Nevada has to suffer because of Vegas. 

I will never live in major city again. San Luis Obispo a good college town. Not too big,
20 minutes to the beach. 2 hours to Fresno, LA, or SF. I need to live somewhere that
feels like home, I feel like I have been living on Mars for going on seven years.


On Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 02:

California meltdown will continue.
Vegas the fastest escape from Los Angeles.

Getting too busy around here too, has been for 8 years.
Great weather this year but occasionally gets cold.

Texas is booming with big businesses relocating from California.

I am looking for a less busy place with a better university.
Lakeland Florida is big, mostly white old farts and not too expensive.
Sort of far south, warmer.
South of Orlando Disney world crowds, noise,...
Inland safe from tourist crowds, beaches and hurricanes.
Lots of orange trees and cows nearby.
But no university.

Gainesville is the best Florida Gators Medical University but is more expensive, noisy football games, and is 30% black. 

Hard to get everything.
Huge Texas and Florida has the most options.

On Dec 22, 2020, at 6:

Las Vegas ranked 2nd fastest growing city in 2020, study says
The City of Las Vegas was ranked second fastest-growing city for the year 2020,

despite tumultuous economic disruption...

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