Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fwd: Brighteon

A comprehensive review of the most important news up to yesterday afternoon not covered by the disinformation outlets:

Chinese hack into SolarWinds computer management systems controlling Federal and State systems.

General Flynn's interview on this topic with Lou Dobbs.

Current war with China?

Holes in all US systems.Multiple access points beside SolarWinds.

Nuclear code thefts could prevent a retaliation strike by the US.

Most Fortune 500 companies hacked.

Biden blames Russia covering for China.

Hack went undetected for 9 mos.

9month cyber Red Dawn.

Chinese own majority of Dominion Voting Sytems shares.

Maricopa County refusing to honor subpoena from Arizona Senate to turn over Dominion machines.

Georgia elections chief will not comply with open records requests regarding the voting system and procedures.

"Phantom" voters are nonexistent persons created as variations of names of real persons and used when necessary.

Controlled by algorithms.

"Zombie" voters are reanimated dead persons moved to the voter rolls in a different county.

Why we cant have voter ID.

Electoral votes based on state fraud or treason can be stripped by the President.

Second half is summary of recent vaccine news.


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