Sunday, December 13, 2020

Falun gong. US Attorney’s Office in Delaware Is Investigating Hunter Biden’s Taxes

to impeach Joe Xiden 
then declare Kamalass as dictator of USA  to cure the pandemic,
then invoke the insurrection act and permanent dictatorship ruled by China. 
Epoch Times is Falun Gong religion, anti-communist pass out flyers on college campuses.  
Falun Gong Flag looks like a Swastika
which is 2 characters in the Chinese language both clockwise and counter clockwise
And in India dates back to Sanskrit 
and throughout Asia good luck symbol

From: Ron

Btw- Epoch Times is primarily funded by Taiwan. 


US Attorney's Office in Delaware Is Investigating Hunter Biden's Taxes
YouTube Starts Censoring Election Fraud Content, Experts Say It's Unprecedented
Trump Should Demand Special Counsel to Investigate Election Fraud: House Republicans
17 states back Texas SCOTUS suit; 
Huawei tested software to ID Uighurs, alert police 
Truth and integrity are rare in today's society.
We at The Epoch Times have committed to reporting unbiased facts. 
Because you deserve to hear the truth. 
Which is why we are offering a full access subscription to The Epoch Times for 4 months for just $1.
We have communist China at our gates, ready to take over. 
The CCP has carefully studied the U.S. system over the decades 
and now has successfully taken advantage of our open society 
and has infiltrated our country. 

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