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Exercise vs obesity vs altitude


Walking burns 100 calories per mile.
So 20 miles is 2000 calories - more than many people eat all day.
That can cancel a lot of overeating.
Why my weight dropped from 153 to 133 during July and August 2019 with no effort.
I was also skinny during my marathon running days, 20 miles per day running at 5AM.
My experience is that walking burns more calories than running.

I agree on the importance of sprinting and other hard exertion exercises.
I sprinted some in 2018 and was still quite fast, surprisingly.
I need to find a standard track with laser measured 40 yard dash to see exactly how fast.
Pressure from team sports can lead to longer and harder workouts, such as tennis and basketball.

Yes, many factors cause obesity, and income is a big one.
Poor people eat lots of fast food, hamburgers, fries, cokes, shakes, cakes, candy,….
Richer people eat in sit down restaurants.
I observed this in Chicago, especially, negroes like burger king.
I also noted in rich San Francisco it is hard to find a hamburger joint but every corner has a fruit and vegetable stand and very rarely saw any fat people.
Marketing students in business schools study this extensively.

Many studies on altitude, worldwide.
They all point to altitude being an additional factor in obesity.
Colorado is high altitude.
All the counties like in Nebraska are very large and lump in high altitude with low altitude.
I doubt if the obesity data is very good but somebody is collecting something.
The geography altitude data is good but must somehow be combined with the people measurements.
Bound to by lots of mistakes.
I have seen better maps but no good explanation of the data sources and methods.
I need to move close to a better university library.
What few maps we got disappeared after the pandemic, as did the geographer fat old gray hippy male ponytail.
Workers at the University do not work much at their easy jobs.

That map does show Tennessee Gatlinburg ski area is skinnier, as is the high altitude parts of Appalachia,
which is amazing it could pick that up.
May have been doctored by artist as much "science" these days.

Negros are the fattest,
Latinos are fat too, I read Mexico is fatter than USA - one source.
Chinese tend to be skinnier and eat better foods than whites or people of color.

From: Alan


Regarding weight vs altitude, correlation does not prove causation. Look at western Nebraska compared with eastern Colorado. The altitude is the same, but obesity is more prevalent in western Nebraska. The line is very distinct. Also compare New York and New Jersey with Louisiana. The contrast is obvious, yet both are close to sea level. I think race, culture and IQ have a lot to do with obesity.

I don't think you need to walk 20 miles a day to control your weight. The simple answer is to not consume more calories than you burn. Sprinting, on the rower, for example, several times a day increases the metabolism for hours. It allows me to get up from my desk, spend a couple of minutes rowing and then burn calories at a higher rate for a period of time, while reading.

I do however think that getting the heart rate over 100 for 30 minutes twice a day is beneficial. What is your average resting heart rate. Mine is currently 56.

I doubt that we are going to have an actual civil war. If we did, I would probably leave the country.



On Dec 15, 2020, at 3:35 AM, joe


I walked 22 miles yesterday at 3MPH or 20 minutes per mile.
I will reduce to 11 miles to prepare for civil war and avoid viruses this winter.
Each mile burns about 100 calories.
I lost 20 pounds by moving to apartment where I could walk to a better gym and walk longer.
Weight 153 down to 133 without any effort.
I am still too fat.
You can find lots of articles on how altitude fights obesity.
My plan has been to move to Laramie Wyoming 7000 feet to lose weight train for Pikes Peak Marathon up to 14,000 feet.
Maybe move permanently somewhere up there
low population,
better survival in civil war SHTF scenarios that looks more likely over the last year.

Human body is designed for long distance running and walking.
Humans are very slow sprinters - a bison can run triple human speed.
But over longer distance hairy animals overheat and drop dead.
Every organ system in the human body is modified to make hairless humans good at long distance running in the sun.

Sun is not just for warmth.
Sunshine penetrates your skull to clarify thinking.
Sunshine powers your mitochondria for energy (like food calories).
Your skin is a solar panel that makes many needed chemicals needed for health.
Run in the sun shirtless.
I tend to overheat so got my best exercise biking uphill in Lake Tahoe 7000 feet.
Brighter sun at high altitude,
and fresher air - less dirt, smog, allergies, germs, molds, bugs, snakes,...
Aesthetic good for soul.

Around here indoors is needed for best workouts as I have slowly learned but dislike.
University gym is the best with big windows and less crowds early AM due to sleepy students going to class.
Indoor machines force you to walk, not cheat or get distracted.
People watching, peer pressure to perform in good form.

Gatlinburg Tennesse and Appalachia has enough altitude to lose weight.
Colorado is better.
Beach areas have sun and skinnier people.
Altitude Fight Obesity?

The higher you live, the thinner you are

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