Sunday, December 20, 2020

Evil Fauci - Are we ‘following the science’? tells kids he flew to North Pole and VACCINATED SANTA

FDA will not approve vitamin D3 for the immune system.
Deep state extermination conspiracy?
Fauci after much prodding finally revealed he takes 6000 units per day!
Everybody knows you need sunshine vitamin D3 or you will get sick.
Negro skin is too dark to stay healthy in most of North America.
Scandinavians have been taking cod liver oil for 1000s of years even though they are blonde.
The best source of Vitamin D,
survival of the fittest,
take cod liver oil or get sick.

Coronavirus is not a vaccine deficiency.
Coronaviruses are ancient, common diseases we all get exposed to.
Can be reduced by cod liver oil and preventing pre-existing conditions.

Bill Gates for 10 years has been talking about pandemics and vaccines and overpopulation,
so suddenly we get a crisis?
Solved by the fastest vaccine development in history?

Covid-19 vaccines:
You cannot find out if they were just being injected with water.
You never know what you are being injected with.
There is no good chain of custody, or records kept, or accountability.

There are no good cause of death statistics or records
You cannot find out if somebody died from covid-19 or pre-existing conditions or were murdered.

You do not know who is registered to vote,
if they are alive or dead,
or if they are illegals, minors, insane,...

You do not know who is counting the votes.
You do not know if the vote is close to accurate or manipulated, or total fiction.
Or if the votes are added correctly,
or manipulated.

You cannot find out how much money is being printed or created.
Some statistics are produced but not enough,
and you do not know how to use them.

You do not know much about any product,
where it was made,
if it was poisoned,
if it is defective.
Product of a conspiracy?

You do not know much about companies you buy from.

You do not know the quality of your doctor, lawyer, teacher,...

The lack of information,
suppression of information,
deliberate manipulation of information, news,….
Attracts conspirators into conspiracies.
There is money and power there.

These problems are easy to fix or greatly reduce.
The technology is the blockchain.

From: Rich

Oh good. I was worried Santa might catch the virus, maybe infect the elves and reindeer.

If it got to the Easter Bunny -- then we would have a full-blown disaster on our hands -- which would be terrible.

Of course, our political leaders would know what's best and save us all. They've done such a marvelous job so far.

I believe in our all-knowing political leaders.........and their economic stimulus policies. They work with the Tooth Fairy, right?............(taking from those that have earned it and giving to those that don't even know what work is)

I'm happy they are there to save us.

The crap we are hearing from "Fauci" may be a well designed Trump admin PsyOp

to demonstrate to people that are sleeping on their feet

that some of the prominent people in the public eye are anything between a posterior orifice and a demonic scumbag ,

or maybe just a Dumb Duck.

This is done by using a body double look-alike OR a body double with a sophisticated face mask OR CGI technology OR a clone .

In this case I choose the look-alike option based on what I have heard.

Voice altering / synthesizing technology is used as well.

I recently saw a video of an ex CIA officer explaining how face masks have been used for decades to lose tails in difficult theaters such as Moscow.


, Lothar
> Are we 'following the science'?

> Fauci tells kids he flew to North Pole and VACCINATED SANTA in Covid-19 advisory on Sesame Street


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