Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dallas, Texas Oklahoma Texoma WinStar World Largest Casino - chocktaw

We drove thru there 1955 Red river has red soil in some places.
I drove thru there in 1987.
I was stationed near there 1972 Air Force, really comfortable place to live.

Great Area close to
Dallas Fort Worth the biggest city after NYC LA Chicago?
Very functional, booming, best economy, top rated medical.
Oklahoma City also very functional, good medical, and not so huge.
University is on the south side, including the national weather service and the best meteorology in the USA.

Eastern Oklahoma complicated, rugged, remote, no cell service, few roads, mostly native American Indians.
One of the most beautiful parts of USA, cheap real estate.
West gets dry as all of the west.

I hate casinos.

From: Ruthe

Probably brings in a lot of visitors.
Middle of nowhere.
Some where to go.
Has had a good entertainment line up pre-covid.



Your ancestors
North Dallas Texas

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