Sunday, December 20, 2020

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I have lived near beaches most of my life.
Beaches usually the worst places to live.
In San Francisco the huge beach is a slum area with the cheapest rents and abandoned cars, drugs, gangs.
Nobody goes to the beach except the 3 sunny days in August.

San Diego to Irvine is the best west coast and the most expensive.
but not nearly as good as Florida or Hawaii that can be even more expensive.

All beaches have humidity and mold and crime and massive crowds sometimes.

Ski resorts are better, more space, lower rents sometimes
but still crime, drugs, tourists and really bad weather most of the year.

Any tourist area is low wage illegal cooks, maids, prostitutes, mowers, repairers, drug dealers, alcohol…
Criminals can get jobs there after they get released from prisons.

Casinos attract the worst tourists and workers.
No healthy person will sit on their butt gambling.

Vacation resort areas best avoided
unless a really good investment can be made.

Some buy beach houses as an investment to rent out and often make a lot of money.
Myrtle Beach is the most typical.
Tahoe the same - for ski rentals.
but they can usually make more money on their jobs than speculating in real estate.

For 70 years everybody been moving to the suburbs and working in the cities on high-pay jobs

Then take 2 weeks vacation to the tourist traps and waste a lot of money
but they do not care as they make so much money in regular jobs.

From: Ruthe
I don't have to move all the way across the country to live on the beach.


, Joe wrote

There will be bargains due to covid

beach towns often very few people most of the year

then too many people in summer
best to rent to tourists airbnb get rich

tahoe never got noisy
except at the beach

surfside is the white people favorite of myrtle beach

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