Saturday, November 21, 2020

survival: Thousands line up outside drive-thru Texas food bank where 600,000 pounds of food was given away

Ignore politics unless you can move to Georgia to vote for 2 senators.
Or move to another swing state such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania,…
Fight corruption by volunteering to count the vote in corrupt precincts.
Otherwise you are just wasting your time and making yourself sick
trying to follow all the stupidity and corruption in modern politics.

Forget about news.
Fake news has become worthless.
Online sources are hijacked, misleading, inaccurate,…

Prepare for SHTF civil war, breakdown, internet collapse, power grid shutoff, no food, no water,…
Crime is already way up.
Had 1 lockdown already, more may be coming.

Focus on survival.
Ensure your supply of clean air, water, food.
Move to Omaha steaks Nebraska the center of the big ag industry.
Mind boggling how much food is grown in midwest 10 state region and Canada.
Omaha has 2 medical colleges and emergency medicine.
Low population, lots of fresh air, and on the huge Missouri river.
Great lakes has even more water, and more cows in Wisconsin.

Lockdown Joe Biden may win.
Get ready for more China viruses,
and general stupidity that may crash anything.

Texas is in better shape than most states as far as food supply,
but is very multicultural with a huge population to feed.
I was born on the worlds largest cattle ranch XIT Texas panhandle.
Mind boggling how many cows there are,
then the best quality of cheese and peanuts from New Mexico.
Very conservative area, very good air quality and sunshine.
Free 4.5 pound steak if you can it in 1 hour.

The rest of Texas is not so lucky, but is survivable.

California may become uninhabitable,
kept alive by calories from Nebraska I-80.
If the trucks stop trucking, then California cannibals in 2 weeks.
Nevada Arizona Hawaii is worse, almost no ag.
Get ready for violence.
Idaho has potatoes,
but not much survivable west of Wichita Omaha….

Fortunately I am already in a fairly good Missouri location.
Looking for a better location nearby.
I can get really remote in less than an hour east of here.
Nothing but forests and small towns, Amish, and a few farms.
Still fast divided highway to big city.

Nocturnal 6 foot black boy downstairs dresses as a girl, smokes pot and watches TV all day/night.
I am getting too old to figure out how to deal with modern pathologies so looking to move out.

Getting totally off the grid with my own water and electricity and quiet would help.
I love gardening and have the option to grow food.
but easier nowadays just to shop and stockpile.
Just set up a rural hideout and maybe just hide out there full time.

From: Ron

Thousands of desperate Texans wait in line at drive-thru food bank
in hope of getting one of the 7,000 frozen turkeys ahead of the holiday

• The food bank distribution event, held by North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) in Dallas on Saturday, saw 600,000 pounds of food given away, including 7,000 turkeys

• Families were also handed
20 pounds of non-perishables,
15 pounds of fresh produce
and bags of wheat bread during the Thanksgiving-themed distribution

• Photos taken by NTFB show thousands of cars backed up in four lines outside of Fair Park on Saturday morning, with the lines appearing to span several miles

• Last week, Texas became the first US state to report 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus,
with more than 119,000 of those cases reported in Dallas County

• In addition to soaring case counts,
Texans are also filing initial applications for unemployment relief at a high rate

• Nearly 3.8 million people have filed for unemployment relief since the beginning of the pandemic, with the rate double what it was at the start of the year


As we discussed.


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