Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Move to Georgia to vote. election ballots not counted?

Dear Professor Kaufman,

It may be possible to move to Georgia
Before December 1
to register to vote.
And vote in the election for 2 senators at the same time.
Rare Opportunity.

Georgia beaches sunny and warm
walking distance to Jacksonville Florida.
Sun is good for health.
Ocean air.

President Jimmy Carter is nearly 100 years old and still ok in Georgia,
teaching Sunday school.

I would move if I could,
but the time frame is a little short for me.

Interest rates are record low.
House sales are skyrocketing.
Great time to be selling.
Rich big city folk escaping riots, fires, smoke, and headed into suburbs and smaller towns and far away states.
Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis seem hardest hit
— coincident that they are the 3 whitest big cities????

College towns are turning into ghost towns.
Downtowns are empty in many areas.
Living opportunities for college apartments, downtown condos,….

I will probably do something next year.

Huge changes, hard to keep track of the news.
Hard to know what to think or do about anything.
I never saw so many changes at one time.

Hi Joe:
A sad day, Let's hope that we can keep the Senate come the January 6th election.

From: Joe
Sent: Monday, November 9, 2020 9:53 AM
Subject: election ballots not counted?

can biden reparations claim victory before votes are finished counting?

Attached shows conservative voters in Florida Texas
whole gulf coast!

zero income tax TX FL

hot humid air melts virus
prevents flu
prevents pneumonia

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