Sunday, November 29, 2020

medical exam: Testimony on Vaccines

I drove 100 miles in beautiful weather to my annual medical exam.
On Black Friday empty doctor office
but big crowds at retail wide is the gate leading to destruction.
I am a contrarian,
do the opposite of the thundering herd

Stethoscope - heart and lungs sound good.
No known problems except for strains, ruptures, scars …. from sports.

All my numbers are good.
I am getting to where I can vary my numbers by diet and exercise.

Asian female doctor could barely speak english
Took a whole hour - went over each number stating normal ranges
and how age and diseases can change the numbers.
10 years historical data and graphics.
straining to hear what she was saying
hard to read what was on the screen.
She was careful as to the scales on the graph, mg per deciliter, etc.
Unfortunately the lab tests were decades out of date,
many do not measure what is needed to be measured by modern science.

Why does USA have to import non-english speaking doctors?
Negroes and white trash get educated by TV idiot box that makes them stupid
so they learn little in college,
Can't pass science classes
Can't get into medical college.

Asians in the library studying books pass exams
and get the MD medical degrees.

Same phenomenon in Missouri as California,
Every library filled with Asians, mostly Chinese.

White trash waste lots of time and money take stupid mickey mouse classes
Then spend even more money on clothes, entertainment, travel, parties, junk food, drugs, ball games,….

Negroes seem the worst afflicted,
use the most electronics,
take the most drugs, easiest classes, least useful classes,…
Make the worst music.

The pandemic has been going on for 50 years, or 100 years…..
I can remember the key events.
Explosion of electronics use, junk food, transformation of agriculture and distribution of junk food, cars, drugs to more and more segments of society.

Destroys health, immune system, …
causes pollution, and a host of modern diseases.
This is well written up in many books.
And there are many self-help books on how to escape.

But brains fried by electronics and junk food cannot think, learn, or escape.
It is actual destruction of brain tissue as well as a waste of time.
By well known chemical processes.

Vaccinations and medicines can help sometimes.
But the current industry setup
80% of pills coming from China with no inspection or quality control.
Is a recipe for disaster.

You have to study the details,
Learn to operate the lab equipment.
Go to college and get an MD Medical Degree.
In most cities, medical jobs are the best jobs that you can easily train for.

Don't trust any doctor over 30 - they are obsolete.
Question authority.
Most relevant immune system research is 10 years old or less.
The whole vocabulary and topics I never heard about
until 2010 I decided I needed to go back to college,
I need to move to do that right but still not moved.
I am not trusting any vaccines or medicines until I learn more.
I quit flu shots in 2008?
MMR booster shots etc in 2008 too.
Shots probably never helped, waste of time and money.
Learning how to make your natural immune system function right is more important than any vaccine or flu shot.

Government-caused massive global malfunction in immune systems,
autoimmune disease,
infectious disease,….
Very weak, sick, addicted, obese, ...population.
Why the clamor for Obamacare, quarantines, masks, socialized medicine,…

All the fault of world government, socialism, big ag, big pharma, big tech, big electronics….

From: Ron

Must watch three minute testimony.
Aluminum has long been associated with neurodegenerative diseases.
I asked my then MD a couple years ago about
and mercury in flu vaccines.
She admitted their presence but then stated
" I don't think very much is in vaccines."
The introduction of a new vaccine
with essentially artificial DNA strands and nanobots
take this to an even darker level.
Activated antibodies adjacent to the outer cell walls remain vigilant for only a few mos.
thus justifying additional booster shots in an unending biochemical beatdown of humanity.


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