Sunday, November 8, 2020

Kamalass crash; biden fraud fake election hijack steal election

Sell house immediately before the Kamalass Biden crash.

Move to corrupt county.
Volunteer to count the votes.
I have done this twice which is more than most.
If you do not do the work, then some crook will do the work for you.

Pay near zero,
a real pain in the butt,
get up 4am,
drive for miles in the dark,
sit in germs blowing on you all day.

Listen to drug addict democrat judges talk about music and movies.

Stupidity everywhere.

Rampant opportunity for fraud
you will see some fraud and rule violations.
Take videos,
Report to militia, authorities, anybody who will listen.

Work your way up in the system,
You get paid a little more at the higher ranks,
but not enough to pay for your gasoline and car expenses to get to the polls and county.

Nobody wants to do the work,
why fraud is rampant,
and elections illegitimate.

Every job I had, many goof offs,
Real work does not get done unless I do it.
Society filled with crooks and addicts TV idiot box.

Around here cannot hire enough school bus drivers or teachers or doctors or nurses.
Even pizza, tacos, burgers, cannot find enough workers.
bright lights flashing jobs,
but no applicants.

Society is collapsing unless you work harder.

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