Monday, November 23, 2020

Dr. Weil University Arizona Tucson


Be careful of any pills.
Pills have side effects that may be worse than the disease.
Pills often do not help.
Multiple pills have side effects plus drug interactions.
Go to the library and study the history of each drug and what the textbooks say about the drug.
Keep a copy of the PDR at home Physicians desk Reference.

Drugs also interact with foods, herbs, spices.
Be gradual on everything.

Inflammation can be helped by sardines.
The smaller the sardine the better,
especially if packed in Olive oil like King Oscar.
Any grocery.

Toasted sesame seeds help too.
Sesame the oldest oilseed.
I put them in coffee.
Get at asian supermarket 2 pound sack $7.

Turmeric get 1 pound bright yellow powder $7 pound jar
powerful and tasty anti-inflammatory.
Asian supermarket.

Also whole ginger root, garlic root,… any grocery.

CCF tea helps me drain off stuff.
Cumin Coriander Fennel.
I get whole fennel at grocery store put in everything.

Green tea or herbal teas can be useful too.

There are many branches of medicine and different treatments for all sorts of ailments.
I would start with herbal medicine from experienced practitioners
and supplement with my own research in the library.
Mayo clinic is good.
Dr. Weill University of Tucson may be better.

I don't trust much online,
you are tracked,
and delivered ads for stuff that makes somebody rich by making you sicker.

On Nov 22, 2020, at 11:37 AM, The Traveling Lady <> wrote:

I get a pass on why I am late because I had to have send surgery done in the hospital
First I want to tell you I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you are doing well.

I've been having vision problems and the all the eye doctors an ophthalmologist told me I need to go see a neurologist which I did and she had to do some MRI thing cats cans and lots of blood work but first they put me on Prednisone find my primary doctor which I was only able to take 2 days and the cardiologist pulled me off of it and we proceeded to a specialized surgeon who does bilateral temporal artery biopsy is because based on my inflammation level and my blurry eyesight and seeing double vision it might be possible I have giant cell arteritis. Anyway I've had stabbing pains in my right Temple for years off and on. Thursday I got a headache and spoke with my surgeon and he wanted me to go to the emergency room because of the going blind possibility. The very next day they did the bilateral temporal biopss. That was Friday.

Excuse the words because I use speak to text because I can't see really good and right now I have glued incisions on both sides of my temples and they're swollen and very sore so I can't use my reading glasses. The surgeon said my right biopsy didn't look normal but we have to wait for the biopsy to come back and the left when seem to look okay.

Fortunately if you stay on prednisone you most likely will not go blind but I had such horrible side effects I was pulled off in 48 hours about a month ago. He said he might be able to find me a different medication. My CRP my sed rate and my ra Factor were really elevated I mean 10 to 15 times higher than the normal high. Anyway I'm on the waiting game and I really hope that everything is negative and I have no danger of going blind and won't have to take any medications.

A lot of the same to start the day after I had a blood draw that my primary care ordered and my markers were so high she said you need to go on prednisone a mediately or you will be blind because of all my eye problems that started badly in August but I've been having them since January but not nearly like what happened in August.

Anyway if you read them in a research on giant cell arteritis that points me in something like a miracle drug let me know. I've read about herbs and all kinds of stuff. I also know all about the side effects of prednisone and for me it messed up my heart rhythm really badly and made me think I was going crazy so I was told us to stop until after the biopsy. This last month has been a Non-Stop parade of tests.

When I woke up from surgery Friday night I was extremely nauseated till about midnight and even a little bit yesterday and today. My jaws were really sore. I vaguely remember the anesthesiologist telling me they were going to put a new device in my throat that will keep it open with air and that way they don't have to put the tube down my throat. Anyway I did not have a sore throat. I guess that was good

Nothing else is new here and waiting is hard. I'm trying to be patient because there's nothing else I can do. My incisions are closed with some type of 30-day glue and my head is shaved in 2 big spots. I think I will be able to put my reading glasses on maybe by the end of the week but I don't know about a hairdo because I won't be pulling my hair back in a scrunchie and I need to let it hang around the front to cover my bald spots.

Was hoping you would plan a trip out west and come and see me and Vicky! Hoping you are enjoying misery which it sounds like you are and you're sure walking a lot. I ride my bike almost every day but not for the last 4. I have a basket on it so I can take my trash down to the dumpster everyday.

Been making vegetable soup in my Crock-Pot instant pot. They didn't feed me at the hospital the first night and then my surgery was it till 4:30 the next day so I didn't get to eat at the hospital because I was nauseated afterwards so I have to pump in some more calories this week.

Anyway I'll talk to you later with just updating you. I sure hope that if I have to be on the prednisone I can figure out how to manage the side effects.

I know that you can gain an awful lot of weight on it I guess because you're hungry all the time and it also can give you a moon face. I know everybody else probably says they try not to eat but I know it must be hard. I just really didn't like the way it made me feel mentally.

Nothing planned here for Thanksgiving. Might try to bake a turkey if I feel better but homemade soup has been really good.

You take care of yourself.



I'm going to send you pictures but they're not very pretty

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