Monday, November 9, 2020

Dr. Ron Paul.....A sad state of affairs

As I said yesterday, there appear to be a lot of shenanigans going on.

And it doesn't matter if you voted for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Jo Jorgensen, or anyone else on Tuesday.

What matters today is that it appears the integrity of the election process which we cherish as Americans has taken a major blow.

America faces a crisis of confidence in the electoral system that is on the verge of unleashing the mob onto the streets. A delegitimized occupant in the presidency is not the worst thing from a libertarian perspective, but the mob gathering steam is a danger to all.

How did we get here?

For starters, election laws in many states have been changed over the past few years that make room for fraudulent activity.

The left has been pushing, and they've been successful, in creating a mail-in voting system which makes sending in a ballot the norm over showing up to vote in person. While there are certainly valid reasons to send in a ballot for some people, ballots should not be mailed to every registered voter.

How many of these ballots are delivered to the wrong address? How many are sent to a resident who moved away without a forwarding address? How many are sent to the deceased? How many are sent to people who are not capable of voting, like those with Alzheimer's Disease?

And how many of those misdirected or misdelivered ballots are being completed by someone other than the intended voter?

One of our state coordinators reported her daughter's coworker received four ballots with his name on them, and he didn't even request one to begin with. Another friend's wife received a Michigan ballot, and she hasn't lived in the state in 30 years.

To top things off, evidence suggests many of the laws that are in place to prevent fraud are being ignored, postmark deadlines are not being followed, and poll watchers are not being allowed to observe a ballot up close, if at all. The Democrat lawyers are also fighting the requests and lawsuits for observers.

Why are they fighting transparency . . . unless there is something to hide?

The introduction and legalization of "ballot harvesting," where operatives can collect and submit boxes of ballots without proof of identity, looks to be throwing a huge monkey wrench into the presidential vote tally as well. States are wavering wildly as hundreds of thousands of votes are suddenly "discovered."

You know I have fought big government, government corruption, and government incompetence for decades.

But now I see chaos is the goal for all that is going on. The chaos is a victory for the radical Marxists. They are now saying "this freedom business is horrible" and freedom isn't fair.

You and I both know it's government that can't be trusted.

Which is why you and I need to step up and fight big government, the Deep State, and their bad actors now!

To quote G. Edward Griffin, "To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism."

As state legislatures gear up for new sessions in January, you and I need to push back and fight the mail-in ballot schemes. We need to fight initiatives like the National Popular Vote. And we need to fight for more transparency to prevent the slide of the United States into Banana Republic status.

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