Sunday, November 29, 2020

curfews in blue jurisdictions: Easy Money

Subject: curfews in blue jurisdictions: Easy Money
Date: November 29, 2020 at 5:33:24 AM CST

From: Ron
From what I have read watched,and pieced together 

lockdowns and selective curfews in blue jurisdictions serve three main purposes:

Keep persons from organizing.

Destroy small business to shift to a centralized command economy.

Keep persons in a constant state of fear and anxiety and thus break their spirit down.

Probably easier in Europe or Australia due to Constitutional 

sheriffs and some police chiefs now refusing to enforce these edicts and;

Large private ownership of firearms and massive stashes of ammunition.

I would also expect some additional false flag threats such as grid down or additional plagues.


On Thu, Nov 26, 2020, 12:32 PM John 

Greg and Rich,
I agree but I'm not sure of anything politically connected anymore!

Stock up on necessities, keep your powder protected and hope Trump us victorious.

 If it's the corrupt Biden crowd….
I don't have any good advice. 


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From: Gregory 

Subject: Re: Easy Money
I have a hunch that curfews and lockdowns are being used to make arrests easier to accomplish and to keep innocents safer than they otherwise would be.

The fact that curfews and lockdowns appear to be coming from blackhats may be due to their being already under control of white hats.

We shall see if lockdowns have been  transformed by the white hats into a PsyOp 

 to prevent shocking and frightening the public, while arrests are proceeding .

Is this a good theory ?

Happy Thanksgiving


On Nov 26, 2020, at 4:10 AM, Ron

San Antonio went to a 10PM to 5AM curfew.

They have a Democratic city council and "Independent" mayor. 

We live outside the city so we are exempt. 

Governor Abbott is a Conservative and has promised no more lockdowns.

Texas stayed Conservative.

Refused to use Dominion voting machines with backdoors.

Happy Thanksgiving,


On Wed, Nov 25, 2020, 10:37 PM Rich 

We are mandated to stay indoors -- So be it.
• I'll not go outside to the mailbox to retrieve any bills

-- ie. from the electric co., the mortgage co, AT&T, the IRS, or anybody.

• Since this order comes from the government, I must comply

-- and it seems so much safer than risking my life by going outside with a flimsy mask.

We are mandated to wear masks at all times in public -- So be it.

• I will do so at my police booking photo session for resisting arrest for eviction for non-payment of the mortgage after being forcefully dragged outside.

• If made to unmask, I will sue the state for the inhumane practice of exposing me to a potentially deadly virus.

• I can sue the state for causing me to endure terribly unhealthy conditions from having no lights or water upon them being shut off due to nonpayment.

• Also, having my phone shut off due to non-payment put me in a life-threatening situation since I couldn't call an ambulance or firetruck if needed -- another lawsuit. (maybe more than one!)

• I can also sue the state for being in hock to the IRS since I did not get a tax bill.

This undoubtedly will cause excessive stress which I must be rightfully compensated for.

If the state changes its mandate on forced mask-wearing,

I'll sue them for the confusion of peaceful existence and mental duress.

Hey, If someone can win a lawsuit for McDonald's selling them a cup of hot coffee

-- maybe there's a chance -- especially if we all do it.

One more thing I just realized.

The DMV is a non-essential service.

Rich L.........out.........

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