Sunday, November 15, 2020

Coup - Manipulation by the Mafia-Controlled Media

The BOSS/Cabal, 'World Controlled MEDIA', has the people in many countries believe that Biden is the new President-Elect.... as fact,
the EU socialist lackey's, [puppet-leaders] played along and congratulated Biden/Harris, to encourage this myth among their people.
People get confirmation through their controlled newspapers/magazines TV, Radio.
Should it swing that President Trump won, then this will give them new ammo that Trump stole the election.
If Biden/Harris win, then they will act like they always told the truth, that the 'Peace-President' is stupid and was in denial.
Received today a hostile Trump article in German, where Biden is quasi the new president and is performing duties, saving Covid lives, that Trump "forgot", portraying the President as a sore loser and all the lawsuits he has to handle now, being bankrupt as well. Suppose to give him a heart attack if he reads it maybe ?
(The [G&S] 'Rulers revenge' on Trump for trying to stop them)

(The election decision, going by constitutional rules, takes a while, besides investigation into this 'alleged election-fraud')
Now, if the election turns out that President Trump won, then, because of the manipulation by the media, Democrats, Trump-haters will blow-up and burn down the country.
That is all by design by these evil Rulers.
Democrats are suppose to believe Biden/Harris won, in order to be totally shocked when Trump actually is declared the winner after all, to feel betrayed, blame the president for cheating them out of victory. Riots will follow !

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