Tuesday, November 10, 2020

civil war History Repeats Itself: Lenin's Actions to Steal the 1917 Election in Russia Are Eerily Similar to the Democrats Steal Today

Move to Georgia beach ASAP,
Register to vote for 2 senators by December 1.
Once in a lifetime opportunity for such a big opportunity.

Eat a Peach on the beach.
Georgia famous for peaches,
and Allman brothers Eat a Peach album.

Eat Peanuts high leucine protein muscle growth as in whey.
Georgia famous for 100 year old ex-President Jimmy Carter peanut farmer navy officer.

Hot humid air kills viruses:
cold virus, flu virus, corona virus, covid19, sars cov2….
Move to sunny Georgia, Florida.

Run in the Sun.
Your brain can grow 3% per year if you get enough exercise.
Your skin makes life-saving chemicals when exposed to enough sun.
People dying from lack of exercise, lack of sun, and too much junk food causing pre-existing conditions.

Georgia famous for rap music.
Teach negroes the joy of Baroque
Music to grow your mind not blow your mind.
Sex Drugs Rock and Roll are tools of hippie communists to blow your mind and kill you off.

Truck drivers can win the civil war,
if they stop trucking food and supplies into the black lesbian democrap cities.
Slavery is illegal.
Truck drivers don't have to go to work.
Take a few weeks off until the rioting vote stealing criminals starve and surrender.
You are an essential worker.
Criminals are not essential.

Ditto for electricity, water, heating oil, gasoline, phones, fake news TV, etc.
Many essential services
created and delivered by deplorables - the poor 99% supporters of populist president in flyover states.
Low-IQ negroes vote for elitist rich 1% who will exploit them.
Kamalass family owned negro slaves and now runs as a black because she had sex with black Willie Brown?
She is not black, has lighter skin than me.
India is not in America, genocidal maniac immigrant invader.
Arrest Kamalass and emigrate her back to India.

Smarter negroes and latinos figured out that Trump is a populist actually helping the people.
Rich elites have been ripping off the sheeple.

Vote with your feet,
your strongest protest,
move to a conservative area.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Volunteer to count the votes.

Sell off your house now - interest rates record low and house prices very high.
Do not own assets or support the extreme left wing by buying anything they sell.

Amazing high house prices in poor survival big cities falling apart, riots, crime fires, smoke,..

Amazing cheap house farm prices in huge farm areas with water and survival skills for 100s of years.

Huge battles you cannot find out about.
Focus on survival needs, farm ownership, healthy state economies, regional economies,

Big opportunities and you can come out ahead from the current crises.
Shocking how idiot liberals are destroying their own ghettos.
Worse than the 1960s riots and more recent riots and wars I am familiar with.

Get ready for economic hardship next 2 years no matter Trump or Biden gets in after votes get counted.
Too much damage has been done to snap back to normal.
States, cities, feds are not collecting as much taxes.
Cuts ahead,
many already broke, homeless,
or soon will be homeless,
If you got a job or money you can take advantage of low prices.

From: Greg

If there is a kinetic civil war ,
Trump should aim straight for the principals first
… the oligarchs and the
"charitable" tax avoidance foundations and
NGO's they hide behind .

All others … political parties, media outlets, big tech, lobbying firms , etc.
… are mere agents, operatives,
employees of the ultra rich Rockefellers , Rothschields, Royal families, etc. G

> On Nov 6, 2020, at 9:52 AM, Ron
> Good historical review.

> Had forgotten about the Russian Civil war lasting five years and involving 20 nations.

> Tsar Nicholas 2 lost popularity with Russians after the collapse of the Russian Army on the Eastern Front.

> He tried to abdicate.

> Donald Trump is in a much different position.

> He is a wildly popular Populist leader.

> The Marxists are trying to exacerbate a bad economy with the lockdowns but imo

> that has not been blamed on Trump by the majority of persons.

> Another comparison sometimes made is with the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939.

> A strong and charismatic military leader in Francisco Franco

> along with other Nationalists, conservatives, and Monarchists

> revolted against a leftist swamp ie the Second Spanish Republic.

> Franco and the Nationalists did win.

> It was however a dress rehearsal for WW2.
> Ron
> On Fri, Nov 6, 2020, 9:40 AM John

> https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/history-repeats-lenins-actions-steal-1917-election-russia-eerily-similar-democrats-steal-today/ >

> "Did the Democrats copy the Lenin playbook in this year's election?" >
> Yes they did.

> Hang on to your Guns and pocket book.
> John

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