Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"America vs Germany 1941 - The Forgotten Conflict" on YouTube

From: Greg

The real story of Jews and Holocaust is that :

According to Solzhenitsen the Jews ( Khazars ) in the USSR murdered 80 million Russian Christians;

in America these Jews are referred to as Communists and
Bolsheviks ( which really means "majority party" in Russian )
to hide the fact that they were Jews.

The Nazi concentration camps were valuable slave labor camps to support the German war effort and not designed for extermination.

The official International Red Cross figures for concentration camp deaths was 291,000;
mostly from starvation, vibrio typhus, Allied bombing, and individual executions.

Author David Irving estimates 1.5 million executions of Jews in occupied areas
for presumed or possible partisan activity by the Wermacht ,
contrary to Hitler's wishes ( yes really !! ).

That how I understand it.

Fake news and material omissions were in effect then and are still in effect now …
When will the bullshit end ?


> On Nov 16, 2020, at 5:44 PM, Ron

> wrote:
> Greg,
> Very true.

> Beginning in the 1920s the National Socialists

> and the Soviet funded German Workers Communist Party under Ernst Thalman and Rosa Luxemburg

> competed on the streets with the right wing German Freikorps

> against the backdrop of a weak Weimar Republic.

> After the murder of Luxemburg in 1923

> the Soviets under Stalin aligned themselves with the Nazis

> believing National Socialism was a misinformed offshoot of Communism

> that ultimately would be aligned with the Soviet system.

> Hitler's use of Jewish merchant class as a scapegoat drove a further wedge between Marxists and Nazis.

> In NYC prior to Operation Barbarossa it was still common to see members of the German- American Bund in parades with Marxists.

> After Operation Barbarossa was launched on June 22,1941 all ties were severed.

> During WW2 I understand Hitler had a captured Rothschild family member murdered.
> Just my take,
> Ron
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2020, 5:49 PM Greg

> wrote:
> Gents
> Here's the big picture of America joining the war in 1941.
> Most people are indoctrinated into thinking FDR wanted to save America from the Nazi's.
> WRONG !!!

> Most US presidents have been 33 rd degree Masons.
> They would not be promoted toward presidency unless they were members of this secret society.
> FDR 's allegiances were with the Free Mason society and the financially elite class,
> NOT the American populace.

> If you doubt this in the least , you need to follow the revelations of Wayne Jett on YouTube.

> Because the Freemasons and the Rothschields had been allied for well over a century to dominate the world together,
> it is no wonder that the Freemasons ,
> of whom FDR was a loyal member,

> influenced FDR to fulfill the wishes of the Rothschields and join the war against Germany.
> WHY ??? There are two reasons.

> 1. The Jews in Germany had been in a conflict with Germany to dominate the country;
> The Rothschields were Jews and wanted Jews to dominate Germany by weakening Germany

> ( see any similarities to present day USA or how USA got dragged into WW 1 ?? ).

> 2. The Rothschields wanted to help preserve the Jewish influence over the USSR by preventing the collapse of the USSR under the German onslaught.

> The Bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish, probably around 80%.

> The Bolsheviks were the Khazar Jews who murdered thousands of Russian Orthodox priests , murdered millions of Russians , and confiscated much of Christians' property.

> Solzhenitsen wrote all about it.
> Greg
>> On Nov 16, 2020, at 1:00 PM, Ron

>> wrote:
>> https://youtu.be/MQUOo0cKIfg

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