Wednesday, November 4, 2020

83-year-old Fresno man hurt after confronting political sign thief | KMPH

An 83-year-old Fresno man took quite a beating after confronting a political sign thief.

Wednesday afternoon in northwest Fresno Dennis Stubblefield saw a woman take a President Trump campaign sign out of a yard.

He followed her car to the next street and this time a man hopped out and took down another sign.

"I just didn't know why in the world somebody would do that," said Stubblefield.
He confronted the man about sign stealing. 
"So he looked at me and he dropped the sign and came running out to me and I turned around and I was just scared and he kicked me and he hit me and then when I was falling down he kicked me again," said Stubblefield.
He saw a doctor on Thursday and X-rays determined there are no broken bones but it will take time for the pain to go away.
He wishes he would have written down the license plate number of the car the man and woman were in.
He says neither showed remorse.
"He just started laughing and the gal that was in the car also started laughing," said Stubblefield.
But Stubblefield may have the last laugh if the two are caught for sign-stealing, which could turn into robbery charges.
The legal definition describes robbery as anything taken by force or fear.
Stubblefield is a very competitive tennis player.

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