Friday, October 23, 2020

survive in Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

Dear Professor Kaufman,

South Dakota is a zero income tax state
popular with billionaires because you can become a resident by sleeping in a hotel 1 night
and show your receipt to DMV to get drivers license and auto plates.

Sioux Falls is a banking center invented credit cards with high interest rates back in the 1970s. Cash cow will continue.

Sioux Falls has a good medical college with freeway straight to the main Mayo Clinic best medical in USA if health SHTF.

South Dakota was the best performing state in the fake covid pandemic.
No lockdown ordered.
No masking required.

Dakota Iowa Nebraska massive agriculture along with other nearby states.

Sioux City Iowa is deluxe quiet abode between Omaha steaks Nebraska and
Sioux City Iowa.

North Sioux City is in South Dakota my grandmother born there in Elk Point deluxe suburb.

South Sioux city is in Nebraska.

Omaha Steaks Nebraska actually has 2 medical colleges,
and Kansas city further south has a Medical college where my beautiful blonde doctor got MD.

South Dakota is my high speed excape route to zero taxes and safety in vast farmlands few people.

USA and much of the world depends on Calories from the midwest farm belt.

Rapid City SD has better weather at 4000 foot elevation,
banana belt,
tropical like weather in the middle of winter.
20 days can get up into the 50s
due to Black Hills block winter storms.

Rapid City Mount Rushmore had the biggest gold mine in USA, maybe the world.
Now converted into hunt for neutrinos underground science laboratories.

All these low population areas far from the biggest cities.

I have long noticed the blonde large bone tall healthy population in the farm belt.
Read decades ago the the upper midwest had the best health,
and lowest money spent on doctors.
And if doctors needed, the mayo clinic is the best there is.

The Sioux tribe of native Americans were the largest strongest people in the world when first discovered.
Diet of bison.
Homes made from bison skins.
Slept on the floor.,_South_Dakota

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