Sunday, October 18, 2020

socialism, communism: China theft nightmare illustrates the growing threat of real estate wire fraud

Dear Professor Kaufman,

My teenage vision is returning
by not wearing glasses,
forcing my eye lenses to adjust to distance, not computers so much.

I walk 20 miles per day in gym without glasses.
Indoors my eyes safe from bb guns, rocks, flying insects, bird shit, etc.
Outdoors I wear prescription sunglasses for protection from sun and hazards.

I started studying hard in 1968,
and soon noticed I could not read the freeway signs in Los Angeles, so got glasses.
Due to 1960s Negro riots,
I had to avoid I-5 thru the ghettos of south Los Angeles.
Used I-405 cutoff San Fernando Valley, then west of UCLA, Santa Monica, to Irvine, rejoin.
then later farther west to Highway 1 that as in San Francisco gets very little traffic and is nearly as fast
and much more scenic but smelly near the huge sewage treatment plants.

The Berkeley riots of the 1960s forced many good faculty to move to San Diego and UCLA and elsewhere.
UCSD is very good, Berkeley never really recovered.
Better test scores now at University of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio,…
The whole west coast is melting down, burning up, evacuating,
1980 LA was known as the only third world city in North America.

1968 I took a class from Harvard Phd whose wife also had Harvard Phd.
He was trying to write a paper on the definition of economic systems
such as free market, capitalism, communism, socialism, Nazisms, Bolshevism, etc..
Very hard to do,
and meanings change over time.
I may try to work on that this winter, again.
Much talk about socialism.
Many pundits I think do not know what they talk about.

I think Biden is a tool of China
China was communist but embraced markets Deng Xiao-Peng 1980s
not sure what to call China now
except dictatorship or oligarchy of some sort.

I am ignoring the news as it is all biased against Trump.
Lying freaks on the liberal news Media being against Trump means vote for Trump.

I was against Biden Harris since day 1.
Negroes and Latino's may figure out they should be against Biden too,
as China will take over and make them slaves again,
herded into concentration camps and/or exterminated.
USA becoming a mega-farm to feed China rulers.
Plantation redux.

I bought a second TV idiot box.
I made an antenna from standard coax cable into which I stuck in a large paper clip and hung out the window.
Gets 40 channels.
I use TV as computer monitors,
and occasional looks at the news.

I am setting up 20 home computers to run all winter doing endless math computations and heating the house.
I set up 2 bitcoin full nodes,
and am studying crypto currencies,
and elliptic curves popularized by Weierstrauss in Germany 200 years ago.

I had a slide rule 1960s studied carefully for hours during boring high school classes.
On the back was A K scales for squares and cubes that lined up cute at 2, 4, 8. etc.

consider 64

at y=8 then 8*8 squared = 64

at x=4 then 4*4*4 cubed = 64

So y squared equals x cubed at point (4,8)

So (4,8) is the smallest point on on the simplest elliptic curve.

Every point on that simple curve has squares equal to cubes.

Amazingly pundits says this is the basis for a secure currency for the new economy of the 21st century.

China is ahead and mines most of the bitcoin crypto currency in the world using dirty coal fossil fuels.
Berkeley maybe the leader in USA in blockchain crypto currency technology.

Is this ok?
Is bitcoin better than gold?
Why is bitcoin used for smuggling drugs, money laundering, crime, etc?

> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Kauf
> Hi Joe:
> Good to hear from you.

> Yes, I am aware of the fraud that is taking place on emails, and refuse to do business that way anymore.

> Unless I can set down person to person with a title company or anybody else in money transactions, I just don't do it.

> It is getting worse all of the time.

> I suspect it will be legalized soon.

> California is now attempting to legalize how much money you are allowed to have.

> The rest is subject to State takeover.

> Currently, these assholes are setting 31 million as the amount of assets you can have.

> The rest subject to their taking.

> The whole country seems to be headed towards Socialism.

> I recall the same thing in Germany in the 1930's starting out exactly the same way.

> Rich
> Subject: China theft nightmare illustrates the growing threat of real estate wire fraud
> CNBC: How one family's nightmare illustrates the growing threat of real estate wire fraud.


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