Sunday, October 25, 2020

my diet walk weight 130 if get enough exercise, vegetables

I avoid doctors office germs.
May skip checkup this year trying to organize past numbers.
Waste of time to go to doctor without your history written in book form.

I get plenty of germs in gyms, libraries,…
Exercise immune system by diverse germs,
not too much of any 1 kind of germ.
Breathe thru nose.

Many fat slobs on the beach, coastal areas.
Most modern sheeple must go to gym to get proper exercise or they will get sick.
Pay $30+ per month for gym fees or you will regret it.
Pills cannot fix the lack of exercise.
Run in sun the best.
Move to sunny Texas or Florida zero income tax.

Sudden end to our beautiful summer May-October,
I got soaking wet walked home in cold rain in open sandals.
Numb toes, scary.
Lost fingernail to frostbite last winter,
now grown back bigger and stronger than before.
I have great nails.
Change shoes and sox often to avoid blisters, lost nails.

I go to gym 6am and walk 12 miles per day.
then go back to gym 3pm and walk another 12 miles per day.
Gyms close down for deep clean twice per day.
About 5 miles walk to and from gyms, libraries, stores,...
24+5= 29 miles per day walk if I get there on time.
Also boxing on punching bag.
My left jab stronger than most guys kick.

Pot of coffee for breakfast, plus some nuts, milk, cheese, butter, boiled egg, ….
Pumpkin spice coffee plus sesame seeds the oldest oilseed.
Whole milk only.
1000 D3 pill maybe some powdered C and magnesium citrate.

No lunch or light lunch of nuts, eggs, sardines.

Dinner is boiled lentils, brown rice, peanuts, cabbage, carrot, onion, garlic, mushroom, spices, herbs, and seasonal vegetables, the greener the better as AJ told me in 1967.

I have not had any fish in 6 months, need to get back to sardines oysters.
I have not had any chicken or red meat in years.
Lentils, peanuts, milk, egg yolks, are great sources of protein.

The more I walk the better I feel.
Weight drops to 130 in summer if I can walk enough.
Machines say I am still too fat.
I easily get up to 151 if I do not walk enough.
Then up to 200 if I eat beef and lift weights.

In gym 1 beautiful blonde 18 year old 6+ feet weighs only 100 pounds
trying to grow her butt by leg exercises.
Doctors daughter extreme?
Many teens around here are too skinny, probably diet, anorexia, psychology.

While most sheeple are too fat, often with preexisting conditions from junk food, electronics, sitting on butts.
Few still succumb to covid.
More fatalities with wrecks, overdoses, gunfire,…
Then the big problem is stroke, heart attack,…
too far from emergency room
seconds matter.
TV idiot box news igores simple obvious facts to advertise fallacy.

> From: The Traveling Lady
> Wow..looks good....and peaceful. And I know if you opened and read all this but there's a hot springs with clothing optional! That would be a bad site with everybody over 60!

> LOL I never really checked out Morro Bay very much just drove through it I think I got out once and walked out by the big rock have a friend that lives there but I didn't stop it was a key.

> Still haven't had my stat MRI.

> Radiology kept calling me and said she faxed it over going to the doctor's office 5 times to three fax number and the doctor didn't sign off yet so she sent it over by email to me and Richard took it down to the office to get it signed and was told that none of the doctors were there to sign it today so all of us were trying to get this done and they never told us once that nobody was there to sign it and kept telling us what we haven't received the fax.

> I didn't like the office anyway and now I like it a lot less because they actually were holding me a Monday morning appointment and now that's gone in the next appointment is on Thursday if I get it done Monday but the gal and I visited a lot from radiology and she will find me a cancellation if they have it.

> I only have one option to go to one place cuz they have a wrist coil.

> I'm just helping my hand becomes unswollen and that everything gets back to normal. Nothing was broken or anything so I still believe it was from my blood draw and there was an infection that went down to my hand.

> I'm having nerve pain there also but I'm not having discoloration and the pain might be a little bit less but but it's probably because I had to start the prednisone for my other problem with my eyes and he told me that would help take the inflammation down the hand has still pretty hot and it's not quite as hot as it was so helping my immune system is kicking in.

> Anyway are you supposed to get rain also we are on Monday and Brady as in Denver at hockey with the girls and they're supposed to get I think 3 to 6 in of snow by 2 Sunday and they're supposed to be leaving Sunday after 2. When he got there it was snowing on Thursday night or Friday morning and he said there was fog and it was 18 so they have black ice all over the road all the way up from Alamosa.

> I always worry about him and they have to drive on that stuff.

> Anyway nothing much just new here but it's overcast and I didn't have the air conditioning on till just a little bit ago and I think Monday were having the temperature start to go down and I think on Wednesday it's only going to be 62 and 42 at night. Sounds good to me!

> Anyway hope you two are doing well hi Joe.

> Getting ready to figure out lunch.

> Don't like taking medication at all.

> They said prednisone they raise my blood pressure that's so far it's still down to 105 / 72. In the doctor's office she said it was up I asked her what it was she obviously wasn't going to tell me and I told her I think it's at because I'm in so much pain and she says yeah you're probably right.

> I hardly ever seen it elevated since February.

> Going to build myself a big taco salad I think could I have avocados and a lot of organic lettuce and I have salsa and chicken to put on it with a little bit of cheddar cheese and I'm sure I have other stuff I just haven't looked yet. Tomorrow and I'm going to make stuffed peppers or Spanish rice.

> I decided to add a little bit more protein to my diet while I'm trying to keep my immune system strong with this prednisone and I'm worried about taking it because my lung disease might flare up and make me more susceptible to infections.

> anyway going to find a movie to watch maybe not sure.

> Actually enjoying a cup of mullein tea.... helps the respiratory system.

> added more vitamin C packets into my water to sip on today and took my zinc and D3.

> working on eating a few more calories cuz when I stepped on the scales yesterday I only weigh 107.

> I used to say one two three is my ideal weight and then when I got older I said 127.

> 107 sort of scared me because it seem like I've been eating more.

> I think maybe I've missed a few meals because of the doctor's appointment because I haven't had time to eat and when I get back I'm too tired to bother with it.

> Lol I use to tell people who are thin

> I wish I had your problem!

> I don't really think I look that thin.

> Okay lunch time LOL.

> let me know if you hear from Vicky I don't want to go through.

> Helping yesterday went well for her and that she's not having any side effects today
> Love
> joyce
> Ps
> If you ever write me just tell me what you're eating for dinner lunch or breakfast so I get more ideas.

> I would be just as happy if I just drank a protein shake.

> I always ask John to tell me what he ate and that gives me good ideas.

> Sometimes I get really hungry after he tells me what what he made.
> On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 10:10 AM, Ruthe
> 12 Adorable Things to do in Morro Bay, California: A Local's Guide

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