Sunday, October 25, 2020

music and culture. 45 years ago today/tomorrow, wish I was there! $10 ticket. Be early get close!

Check their biography on wikipedia or other websites 
-they cannot hide nowadays.
Most singers are perverts, addicts, retarded, uneducated, diseased,….

They shriek at you to waste your time and money and convince you to become like them.

Healthy virile males do not go into singing, dancing, acting, entertainment…

I have studied this phenomenon off and on for decades,
good research if you have a phd in the social sciences and classify subcultures,….
Study how music choices correlate to diseases, divorce, drugs, jobs, skills and economic conditions.
This is taught at Berkeley, UCLA, USC, and many colleges.

I quit watching TV in 1964, mostly. 
Few movies since then.  
Epstein Weinstein did not invent the casting couch.
All mostly perverts, addicts, idiots,…
Why pay any attention to such ilk?
I can learn more from a minute of song than an hour of movies.
And exercise at the same time.

Turned off radio in 1975, Rhiannon Fleetwood mac the last song I heard.
Gave away my stereo, top of the line.  
I did listen many times to Linda Ronstadt Heart Like a wheel on vinyl before giving it away.

20 years later 1995 or so started back on music with mp3 collection and napster and bought vinyl, tapes, cds.
Did not miss much in the 20 years.
A lot of junk music, very few good ones.

But some better stuff now.
All female singers, many quite good singers and sophisticated music.
I did go to a Suzi Quattro concert in Boston 1975 or so.
She was a forerunner of modern female front-women but not great.

I am up to 32 gigabytes of songs on my phone but no time to listen to them except in the gym.
Lana Del Rey the best of the decade, but sick, sad, depressing, demented, suicidal, but beautiful person.
Taylor Swift is more upbeat and catchy sound good for the noisy gym.

But I prefer podcasts filled with facts.

I recommend zero music or movies or TV until you get an MD and/or engineering license.
Information you need to stay alive and get smart.
And help others and serve your society.  

Entertainment stimulates dopamine that will blow your mind, as planned, and make you sick or dead, worthless, addicted.

This is why conservative calvinistic puritan immigrants before 1776 outlawed music, dance, theatre, christmas, pagan festivals,…
Protestant work ethic says you have to work your way into heaven,
not buy your way,
or play your way,
or sing your way,
or dance your way.

Much work needs to be done to fix the social problems caused by sex, drugs, rock and roll 1960s hippie okie culture that continues.

It does pay well.
Medical jobs around here pay the best.
Drive teslas, live in fancy houses, clean air, clean water, tasty milk,…

Most medical training is not particularly hard nor does it take very long to learn.  

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