Monday, October 19, 2020

Fwd: TWITTER CENSORS WHITE HOUSE COVID EXPERT—Tech Platform Doesn’t Agree With Dr. Scott Atlas’s View On Masks | Political Patrol

> Psy op election and coup will be unsuccessful because they no longer control the narrative.

> The Swamp got Trump elected because they wrote him and patriotic Americans off.

> They are repeating that mistake.
> Ron
> On Sun, Oct 18, 2020, 7:52 PM Lothar wrote:

> One Party system ?…..

> (masks keep the people in fear, under control ?)

> The deep-state [Cabal], rich establishment,

> that lost power when Trump kicked them out in 2016],

> that controls most of the worlds Media,

> now censors or even out right muffles the remaining 2% alternative Republican opposition media, the

> President and the entire Republican administration ! (a real Infowar)

> Thanks to the remaining presidential rallies.....the word gets out !

> The scandalous 'Biden Revelations' are desperately kept from the American people and the World !

> (Still leaking out !)

> It's a story soo big [clear evidence is in], without any doubt will effect this election and history !

> I'm watching ABC news right now....not one negative word on Biden, but only the normal DT bashing.

> The facts can't be hidden much longer !

> How long can they keep up the lies that everything is Russian interference, disinformation ?

> Since most opposition-stations are blocked, one of the last independent stations still "alive", RT.

> The Democrats see....Russian interference...when they report the painful facts.

> This is how DIRTY they play to topple president Trump !

> Sadly, it looks like a coup d'état !

> Minutemen [armed citizens] standing by to save the Republic ! (?)
> Lothar
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