Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fwd: The Enemy of America will show our leader in FAKE DISTRESS to manipulate the election


Denying the president the freedom to speak is a NEW low ! 

No more 'Twitter' to get HIS WORD OUT, preventing him to communicate with half of the American people ! 

(Only the mafia controlled hostile media is left, most of the [opposition] alternative free-media has been destroyed,

PRETEXT..."hate speech", "right wing" or "not politically correct")

Now the MSM will accelerate the deception and cut videos of our president in a total disaster format,

so that the 'sheeple' believe the President is 'losing it', to manipulate the masses to vote for 'Harris/Biden' !

(Stoking a civil war)

This will not end well !

TURN OFF YOUR TV-NEWS ! We are in a Information WAR ! 

Propaganda like the Drudge Report is left.

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