Saturday, October 10, 2020

Civil War: Twitter rolls out new rules for candidates to claim victory in US election

Get ready for anything this year.
Move to safety, 
low population area with water and mild weather.
Election may not determine who rules.

Conservatives have more guns,
and most of police and military and security officers.

Communist China, Soros,... has DC, Antifia, Black lives matter, FANG Facebook amazon netflix Google Twitter, Tech, Microsoft,…
protected by security officers???

If there is shooting, the rulers may be surprised at what happens.
Top brass in military disappeared, suicided,…?
No banking?

I lived in rich areas for decades, such as Tahoe, San Francisco,...
Built by Mexican teams.
They know where are the safes, and safe basements.  

I heard about marijuana farms all over california manned by armed mexican slaves with families in Mexico held as hostages.

Jackson Hole Wyoming, Disney world, ski resorts, beaches, remote areas, big cities…
Poor white trash, negroes, and illegals for cooks, maids, lawnmowers, carpenters,.

They may shift loyalties from the rich 1% to the majority poor armed 99%
Especially if banks are seized and rich assets confiscated by guns.  

Fake ballots enough reason to toss the election fake results.

Rule by militia.
Turn off social media electricity,
and all utilities to hostile areas.

some of my ancestors survived in MAKO after the bloody period after the Civil War 1800s.
4 corners area 
one of the more survivable mild weather areas with water and not too much population.  

Regions were still hostile after 100 years.  
Still some hostility, 160 years later.

The term "bushwhacker" came into wide use during the American Civil War (1861-1865)

 It became particularly associated with the pro-Confederate secessionist guerrillas of Missouri, where such warfare was most intense. 

Guerrilla warfare also wracked Kentucky, Tennessee, northern Georgia, Arkansas, 
and western Virginia (including the new state of West Virginia), among other locations.

In some areas, particularly the Appalachian regions of Tennessee and North Carolina,
 the term bushwhackers was used for Confederate partisans who attacked Union forces.
 Residents of southern Alabama used the name in the same manner.
 Several bushwhacker bands operated in California in 1864.[9]
Pro-Union guerrilla fighters in Kansas were called "Jayhawkers". 
They were involved in cross-border raids into Missouri.

In Missouri, however, secessionist bushwhackers operated outside of the Confederate chain of command. On occasion, a prominent bushwhacker chieftain might receive formal Confederate rank, as in the case of William Clarke Quantrill.[13] Or they might receive written orders from a Confederate general, as "Bloody Bill" Anderson did in October 1864 during a large-scale Confederate incursion into Missouri,[14] or as when Joseph C. Porter was authorized by Gen. Sterling Price to recruit in northeast Missouri. Missouri guerrillas frequently assisted Confederate recruiters in Union-held territory. For the most part, however, Missouri's bushwhacker squads were self-organized groups of young men, predominantly from the slave-holding counties along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. They independently organized and fought against Federal forces and their Unionist neighbors, both in Kansas and Missouri. Their actions were in retaliation for what they considered a Federal invasion of their home state.

The conflict with Confederate bushwhackers rapidly escalated into a succession of atrocities committed in Missouri by both sides. Hostage-taking and banishment were employed by local District and Union commanders to punish secessionist sympathizers.

 Individual families, including that of Jesse and Frank James and the maternal grandparents and mother of future President Harry Truman, were banished from Missouri.

Union troops often executed or tortured suspects without trial and burned the homes of guerrillas and those suspected of aiding or harboring them. 

If official credentials were doubted, the suspects were often executed, as in the case of Lt. Col. Frisby McCullough after the Battle of Kirksville. 

Bushwhackers retaliated by ambushing federal soldiers and frequently going house to house and executing Unionist sympathizers.

William Quantrill led a raid in August 1863 on Lawrence, Kansas, burning the town and murdering some 150 men and boys in Lawrence.
 Bushwhackers justified the raid as retaliation for the Sacking of Osceola, Missouri two years earlier, 
in which the town was set aflame and at least nine men killed, a
nd for the deaths of five female relatives of bushwhackers killed in the collapse of a Kansas City, Missouri jail.

To end guerrilla raids into Kansas, the Union commander of the District of the Border, which comprised counties along the Missouri-Kansas state line,

 Thomas Ewing, Jr. ordered the total depopulation of Jackson, Cass, Bates, and northern Vernon counties in Missouri under his General Order No. 11.[24][25] 

Near 25 thousand rural inhabitants had to go to areas near Union camps or leave the state; 
their houses were burned to prevent them from returning; 
altogether, twenty-two hundred square miles of western Missouri became a desolation by the end of September 1863.

The Missouri-Arkansas border had been desolated as well.
Wasted farms, deserted cabins, lone chimneys marking the sites where dwellings have been destroyed by fire, and yards, gardens and fields overgrown with weeds and bushes are everywhere within view.
 The traveler soon ceases to wonder when he sees the charred remains of burnt buildings, 
and wonders rather when he beholds a house yet standing that it also did not disappear in the general conflagration. 
Such was the terrible intensity of the recent civil war ... .

In other areas of Missouri, properties were also pillaged and destroyed by both warring sides since atrocities during the Civil War were in many ways a continuation of Bleeding Kansas violence.

atrocity by Confederate bushwhackers was the murder of 24 unarmed Union soldiers pulled from a train in the Centralia 
Massacre in retaliation for the earlier execution of a number of Anderson's own men. 
In an ambush of pursuing Union forces shortly thereafter, 
the bushwhackers killed well over 100 Federal troops.
 In October 1864, "Bloody Bill" Anderson was tricked into an ambush and killed by state militiamen under the command of Col. Samuel P. Cox. 
Anderson's body was displayed following his death.

After the end of the war in 1865, the Mason Henry Gang continued as outlaws in Southern California with a price on their heads 
for the November 1864 "Copperhead Murders" in the San Joaquin Valley of three men they believed to be Republicans.  
Tom McCauley, known as 'James' or 'Jim Henry,' was killed in a shootout with a posse from San Bernardino on September 14 of that year,
 in San Jacinto Canyon, in what was then San Diego County.
 John Mason was killed by a fellow gang member for the reward in April 1866 near Fort Tejon in Kern County.

In 1867, near Nevada, Missouri, a band of bushwhackers shot and killed Sheriff Joseph Bailey, 
a former Union brigadier general, who was attempting to arrest them. 

From: Lothar 
Subject: Check with MSM first: Twitter rolls out new rules for candidates to claim victory in US election

Check with MSM first:

Twitter rolls out new rules for candidates to claim victory in US election

Ex-acting DNI chief Grenell locked out of Twitter after posting mail-in ballots sent to friend's DEAD parents

America on cusp of a Civil War:

No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power. 

If you believe there are only Left-Wing BLM/ANTIFA Communist-Rebels, you are WRONG. 

There is a hidden "Right-Wing" counterforce, the PATRIOTS

[every armed civilian & supporter of the Constitution

["Minutemen" Militia] are waiting to defend this country if the President needs help.

('Standing by' in case of a Coup)

The Patriots are citizens-united of all colors and religion….

must love this country & the Constitution and be willing to die for it !

No racism allowed ! 

God guides us to stay free !

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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