Sunday, October 18, 2020

censorship ‘We are in a truly Orwellian culture’: Amazon yanks Covid-19 skeptic’s book for ominously vague ’content violations’

The second amendment is to remedy violations of
The first amendment free speech
Law forbids prior censorship?
Censorship by non-cop private goons? thugs? communists? traitors?

Las Vegas odds on who drops first?
Bezos, Zuck, Gates, Dorsey, twitter,…
civil war?

Fear of truth getting out indicates a conspiracy by the extended news media, social media.  

from Lothar 

'We are in a truly Orwellian culture': Amazon yanks Covid-19 skeptic's book for ominously vague 'content violations'

Amazon has joined its Big Tech fellows in ramping up censorship of any criticism of the "official" Covid-19 narrative,

deploying obfuscatory excuses to justify removing journalist James Perloff's latest book, he told RT.

After selling a respectable 3,500 copies over the last two months,

Perloff's book on the coronavirus pandemic

and its weaponization by world governments,

'Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled,' was suddenly "banned" by,

the writer revealed on Twitter on Thursday.

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