Wednesday, October 7, 2020

California Exodus Accelerating -- Harbinger of Things to Come.

Good summary.
Trends cannot continue.
The farther you can move away from California, the better.
Oregon Seattle Arizona Las Vegas getting bad due to California invasion.

I decided I wanted to move to Missouri or Arkansas in 1987 April after a 1000 mile drive thru the hills.
Very scenic and green trees.
mild weather.

I finally bought a condo in 2007, 20 years later, and moved in 2009.
I am amazed at the low cost on everything
and high quality of housing,
and good weather most of the year.
People mostly white and look like me, more or less.
Problem is almost all the signs are for Biden Harris in my neighborhood, 
Trump signs very rare.

My neighborhood in Missouri is much better and bigger than San Francisco.
I lived in Seacliff, China Beach area, the 3rd best neighborhood in San Francisco, Russian Jewish
but not nearly as good or big as here.
And this neighborhood is not nearly as good as other areas in Missouri.

Detroit Michigan Motown was rich in the 1960s.
Now has lost over half its population and thousands of houses for sale $5,000 by 2005.
Will never come back.
Suburbs doing better but also long run problems ahead.
The problem is politics and politicians as the video describes:


From: Ruthe 
California Exodus Accelerating -- California, The Harbinger of Things to Come.
California has an infinite number of issues and problems that need to be addressed. 
One of these being that California is hemorrhaging its citizens in significant numbers.
 In 2019, more than half a  half a million Californians moved to Texas alone. 
California is not just losing people; it is also losing businesses. 
California has one of the highest state income taxes in the US, while Texas has no state income tax at all.
Elon Musk is not the only person threatening to leave California. Dissatisfied residents have left in a minor exodus in recent years.
The complaints about California and talk of an exodus from it, are not new. 
COVID-19 was the straw that broke the camel's back. 
 Its effect on commerce, have created a perfect storm to bring them to the fore, at least for those among who already had inclinations.
So What is wrong with California?
These are some issues why California is in Trouble.
The lockdown is still in place; the homelessness is out of control; it's overpopulated;  high taxes; excessive regulations on business; high cost of living; and out of control housing market.  
54% of San Francisco storefronts have closed since the pandemic.
Thousands have left San Francisco permanently. 
The homeless are more entrenched now than ever. 
The once-great city of San Francisco has fallen to decades of liberal policies run amok. 
Businesses leaving, jobs disappearing, and taxpayers fleeing. 
Meanwhile, the City is in ruins while the Mayor & Board of Supervisors continue paying public employees to lavish compensation packages as if nothing changed or will change. 
 Nobody is immune to the laws of economics.

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