Tuesday, September 29, 2020

walk for brain health, immune system, fake news On Bullshit

You must walk 10+ miles per day minimum
or your brain will shrink
You will become a old fart like Biden dementia on plugs and drugs.
20 or 30 miles is better.
Extreme vigorous exercise is better than walking.

Exercise stimulates neurogenesis and your immune system and every bodily function - need constant pumping action.
Drain your brain thru lymphatic system to prevent dementia.
Toxins and germs can build up without flushing.

Humans are designed for long distance running, not sitting.
Your biggest muscles are in your legs.
Swimming and biking also good exercise, non-impact can do on your schedule without a team.
Many good sports.
Your muscles are like endocrine organs that secrete beneficial hormones, chemicals.
The bigger your muscles the more beneficial chemicals are pumped into your bloodstream.

Use electronics in the gym where they got wifi and walls of TV idiot boxes.
I listen to radio, mp3, podcasts, while walking and watching TV and reading books and magazines and newspapers.
I get up 4am so I can watch the agriculture news before going to gym.
Pandemic has not hurt production, but changed product mix away from bars, bistros, etc.
More home food, fast food, burgers, pizzas, tacos,...
Communist China must be hungry,
they are buying even though that helps farm states that vote for Trump.
Communists prefer Biden.
Felons prefer Biden.
Illegals prefer Biden.
Rioters, Looters, Addicts, Antifa, LGBTQ,… etc.

I mostly ignore election stuff, and most news.
There will be good books summarizing what you need to know in a few years.

I do look at SHTF going on out west, etc. And weather and local crime.

Focus on personal survival.
Many new threats exposed in 2020.
I thought Oregon, Seattle, Minneapolis were fairly safe, but became the worst hit!

Need to take action now, many decisions and prepations take time.
It may get worse.
Prepare for loss of electricity, water, sewer, food, heaters, air conditioners, planes, cars, gasoline,…
Spreading riots, civil war, gunfire,…

Read real books.
Knopf was a demanding NYC Jew publisher
rejected many popular authors and nobel prize winners.
Outstanding book production - covers, fonts, paper, binding,...

Princeton Professor Frankfurt wrote good books on Truth and Bullshit.
Very relevant to fake news today.

If you know something then write a book,
study competition:

On Bullshit
by Harry G. Frankfurt

One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.

Everyone knows this.
Each of us contributes his share.
But we tend to take the situation for granted.

Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognize bullshit
and to avoid being taken in by it.

So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern.
We have no clear understanding of what bullshit is,
why there is so much of it,
or what functions it serves.

And we lack a conscientiously developed appreciation of what it means to us.
In other words, as Harry Frankfurt writes,
"we have no theory."


On Truth
by Harry G. Frankfurt

Having outlined a theory of bullshit and falsehood,
Harry G. Frankfurt turns to what lies beyond them:
the truth, a concept not as obvious as some might expect.

Our culture's devotion to bullshit may seem much stronger than our apparently halfhearted attachment to truth.
Some people (professional thinkers) won't even acknowledge "true" and "false" as meaningful categories,
and even those who claim to love truth cause the rest of us to wonder whether they, too, aren't simply full of it.

Practically speaking,
many of us deploy the truth only when absolutely necessary,
often finding alternatives to be more saleable,
and yet somehow civilization seems to be muddling along.
But where are we headed?
Is our fast and easy way with the facts actually crippling us?
Or is it "all good"?
Really, what's the use of truth, anyway?
With the same leavening wit and commonsense wisdom that animates his pathbreaking work On Bullshit,
Frankfurt encourages us to take another look at the truth:
there may be something there that is perhaps too plain to notice but for which we have a mostly unacknowledged yet deep-seated passion.
His book will have sentient beings across America asking,
"The truth-why didn't I think of that?"



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