Monday, September 28, 2020

QAnon conspiracy theory is gaining popularity....psst...DW...don’t mention Epstein

Check your local FBI 
or any FBI website
They proudly announce most of their activity is porn watch

Or drug related

Why since 1988 computers most profitable product was porn

Pagers for drug dealers
Now cell phones
Negroes use phones
I see daily
Often drug addicts or dealers
And smokers

CIA drug dealers
Military transport
Vietnam era or earlier
Verbal reports

Do the numbers
Get phd in economics finance

Communists manipulate your brain chemicals by porn drugs phones electronics TV idiot box covidiot terrorism fauci birx

World takeover by soros globalist communist conspiracy

Qanon epstein weinstein clinton did not invent the casting couch

Romans put singers actors at the bottom tier of humanity with slaves

Football is the modern circus coloseum
Slaves to be exterminated in battle

Need for immigrant slaves children

Keep ponzi going
Give them bread and circus
Stave off rebellion 

Phones the adult pacifier

From: Lothar

Why the QAnon conspiracy theory is gaining popularity....psst...DW...don't mention Epstein

Why the QAnon conspiracy theory is gaining popularity

conspiracy theory claiming that a

global cabal is abducting and abusing children is gaining traction across the world.

What explains its appeal amid the coronavirus pandemic? (

Was Epstein part of the proof ?)

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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