Friday, September 11, 2020

Eloi sheeple revolution?: Alanta mayor Dems 'e'....just coup

(coup d'état....french)....COUP= Overthrow of a Government and its Laws/

Trump would say....insurrection [uprising against authority]

Coupé= two seater...compartment 

We are in a REVOLUTION....anything can happen, including [God forbid] a civil war !

Some day the people had enough, our president has been neutered and is powerless to stop the evil doers, it seems.

(Deep State, Bankster Elite with Democrats serving the CABAL [using BLM/ANTIFA...insurgents] 
to take over the clueless American sheeple)

Next, the citizens [awake Patriots/Constitutionalists] realizing their institutions,
 their Rights are being destroyed, 
will start RE-Acting
by taking over the no longer existing law enforcement,
  since the leadership has been destroyed
and start shooting the insurgents/rebels.

The Democrats know that, so they [before we all wake up]
  will TRY to DISARM all  Americans and 
send [the RESISTANCE] into 'Concentration Camps' [FEMA-CAMPS]. 

Remember....the MEDIA….
TV/RADIO the newspapers and Internet are OWNED by the CABAL/Mafia
 [in cahoots with the Socialists, Democrats] to manipulate the sheeple, the masses.

(The "Democrats", [majority good, but mislead-people] mostly clueless sheeple, 
are being deceived by their leadership,
promising "paradise" free everything if they "only" give up their Rights under the Constitution)

On Jun 13, 2020, at 10:24, Eric wrote:

She got or going to get rid of jails and prisons and going to use the money else where.

The Bad people will be running all cities like whats going on in Seattle Washington??

I guess you call that a Coupe??

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