Monday, September 14, 2020

COMORBIDITIES and is even more apropos. : great info on COVID-19

The link below pertains to a   a very recent update from the CDC:

Table 1 of the CDC's  weekly update for September 5, 2020 indicates that 

175,866 for the period  February 1, 2020  to September 5, 2020  

out of a USA population of 

or a ratio of  0.0005  or  one twentieth of one percent of the population.

 Both numbers come from the top row of Table 1.

The paragraph immediately preceding Table 3 is labeled   
COMORBIDITIES  and is even more apropos. 

The second sentence indicates that only 6%  of deaths involving COVID-19  were due to COVID-19  alone without the effects of other  diseases in combination. 

This implies  that only 10,551   people have died  due to COVID-19  by itself  ( 6% OF 175,866 ). 

This translates to a ratio of 0.00003   or  3 one thousandths  of  1 % of the population. 

The lower portion of Table 3 indicates  deaths from other diseases whose corresponding numbers are similar to or higher than the death numbers for COVID-19.  

There is no international, political, or media hullabaloo regarding all these other causes of death . 

This is why some people call  COVID-19  a   SCAMDEMIC.

There is voluminous information on the internet pertaining to this phenomenon, which is part of a silent  war between the white hats of various nations against the international financial elites and their agents in all countries. 

A most comprehensive treatise regarding this subject comes from a French Military Document ( many pages ) imbedded and viewable  within an article linked below:

The imbedded window is labeled FRENCH MILITARY DOCUMENT at its top.

The pages in the imbedded window can be advanced by clicking near the bottom left of the imbedded window. 

There is much more to the COVID-19  phenomenon than meets the eye. 

It includes long range planning by  sociopaths , trans-humanism , 5G, depopulation, covert murder, corruption, fascism , and more. 

I hope you can find the time to read some of it . 

You will be enlightened.

Thank you.


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