Monday, September 7, 2020

back online. move to safety, civil war. Weierstraß

Great weather since April.
Temps now below 90/70
low humidity due to drought.
Better than Honolulu, Beverly Hills….
Anywhere near pacific ocean gets too much humidity.
Riots in Oregon, Seattle,….
I stop my plan to move there.
Avoid communist invested ghetto states run by left wing politicians and crooks.
Avoid states with colored people different than your color or invaders speaking foreign languages.

Looking at local rural acres
Amish buy up every good acre in sight, reproduce like rabbits, avoid the military, speak German….
Amish have always been off the grid,
no electronics,
grow their own food on good acres to feed their
7 children healthy organic food,
7 the normal number for healthy women stay pregnant or lactating to prevent cancer and stay happy.

Get rid of all wifi, phones, bluetooth, wireless…
blast you with dirty electricity, bad light rays, noise, wrong wavelengths.
Move to survival area where you can get cheap fast fiber optic wired internet.

I moved my iMac into bedroom for email,… slowly catch up.
Turn on all computers all winter
Run endless math programs.
Computers are heaters
so I turn off computers in the summer
I do not use air conditioners or heaters.
I sleep on floor.
Don't get soft from easy living.
Prepare for survival.
Grow your brain by exercise.
Go to gymnasium and walk 20 miles per day for starters.
Most gymnasiums are open now.
University deserted.
Unhappy students in masks terrorized by covid wuhan flu,
most classes online,
workers constantly cleaning everything.
Gym and library are nearly empty - great for me.

Turn off TV idiot box.
Ignore politics until after the election.
You cannot watch 5 minutes without
ugly freak talking hairdos,
obnoxious lights, sounds,…
manipulating your brain hormones,
ads for drugs, cars, toxic toys, junk food...
designed blow your mind
and influence voting
then kill you off.

I buy or check out numerous math books.
Read by sunlight correct wavelength to improve eyesight.
Springer Verlag yellow cover the gold standard in writing.
Outstanding book production for decades.
Math the most difficult writing,
often from Germany.
German Gutenberg invented moveable type printing press.
Still do the best job.
Modern economy depends on math from 1800s.
No fake news.
Just the facts.
Use pencil and paper to verify the accuracy of equations written.
No TV or phone needed!
October 1815 – February 1897
Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass Weierstraß
a German mathematician
Despite leaving university without a degree,
he studied mathematics and trained as a school teacher,
eventually teaching mathematics, physics, botany and gymnastics.
He later received an honorary doctorate
and became professor of mathematics in Berlin.

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