Saturday, September 26, 2020

Antifa in Portland vow to kill cops, along with their families, children & friends. But it’s a ‘carnival in the dark

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I cancel the idea to move to Oregon or Seattle due to riots, fires, smoke, smog.
I oppose governments than cannot maintain law and order.
Vote with my feet, get out, stay out.

Great weather in Missouri due to drought low humidity mild summer.
The best 5 months I have seen anywhere since May, better than San Diego.
May hit 88 today but cold front moves in Monday.

The idea to hide out at home is a good idea and getting better.
I have a huge stack of books at home.
Yesterday attended my first class at home on my computer by Zoom
Most classes are online nowadays, you just watch the lecture on your computer, and can speak and ask questions if you want.
Not as good as in person classes, but cheaper and more convenient than commuting or living on campus.

Enrollment at the college is up 6% as students load up on classes due to lack of jobs or anything to do except party and riot.
Most students now stay at home with their parents, cheap.
University nearly empty, faculty home, students home,…
The 10% who show up on campus are whiter and smarter and more serious and much better shape than usual.
Mostly pre-medical students working in the science laboratories.
All wearing masks.
Workers sanitizing everything with alcohol constantly.
Gym, library cleaner and less crowded.
I spend 8 hours per day in public places.

Parties off-campus more riotous and noisy than usual.
Most bars movies … closed down
so they get together in big houses, apartments, parking lots,….
all night, 2am, 3am, still going, … noise, screaming, music,…

House arrest is bad for mental and physical health.
TV Radio talking heads blast disinformation, ads, drugs, bad for mental and physical health.
I quit paying attention until January when election result will be known.
Study history books and travel books to find safe zones.

If Biden wins the election then communist China will be satisfied and quit causing so many problems.

Concentrate on diet, exercise, location of safe areas for evacuation.
Long term trend looks bad.
Increasing tribalism, need safe area for evacuation among like-minded survivalists.

Need to become less dependent on government, utility companies,…
Mild weather matters.

Heat, cold, smog, pollution must be avoided.

Rural looks better than the big cities nowadays.
Green trees, forests, farms, food, water, wells,...
Living space.

> Antifa in Portland vow to kill cops, along with their families, children & friends.

> it's a 'carnival in the dark,' says NYT

> Rioters in the Oregon capital are turning their sights on residential suburbs,

> demanding that homeowners pledge allegiance to their cause or have their houses burned down.

> Why aren't we doing something to stop these anarchists?
> Of all the cities in America that have suffered from constant rioting and violence,

> Portland might have it the worst.

> The city that was once lauded as being one of America's best places to live

> has endured more than 100 consecutive nights of rioting involving vandalism, chaos, and death

> – including the slaying of a supporter of President Donald Trump

> – since the killing of George Floyd, with no end in sight.
> Disturbingly, there have been recent reports of the Antifa rioters there moving away from the city center

> and beginning to target residential areas and threaten people in their homes.

> According to the New York Times, activists have been demanding that people come out of their houses and pledge allegiance to their cause.

> They attacked one property that was flying the American flag, demanding that it be removed or they would come back and burn the house down.
> The 'direct action' protest included the handing out of leaflets titled
> 'Why Break Windows', 'I Want To Kill Cops Until I'm Dead',

> 'Piece Now, Peace Later: An Anarchist Introduction to Firearms',

> 'In Defense of Smashing Cameras', and

> 'Three-Way Fight: Revolutionary Anti-Fascism and Armed Self Defense'.
> Lothar
> When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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