Monday, August 17, 2020

U.S. government has a life of its own.: A dog with fleas

From Martin Armstrong:

Everybody often conflates the United States with the U.S. government. Talking heads will say, "The U.S. did this. The U.S. should do that." Wait a minute. Do they mean the nation-state that lies in between Canada and Mexico, or do they mean the U.S. government? They're almost always talking about the U.S. government. So, they're conflating the U.S. itself, a conglomeration of 300 million people, with the U.S. government.

They're two different things. The U.S. government has a life of its own

. And it only really cares about the U.S. the way a flea cares about a dog. A flea needs the dog; it wants the dog to survive. But not because it cares about the dog itself. The prime directive of every living being, whether it's an amoeba or a corporation or a government, is SURVIVE. That's the prime directive; it comes before anything else.

  The U.S. government is an entity that has a life of its own. Its prime directive is looking out for number one. So, don't conflate the U.S. and the U.S. government. If you mean the government, say it. If you mean the country, say, "… the U.S. and I don't mean the U.S. government." Unfortunately, it's now necessary to be extremely clear. 

But it's worse than that because people now conflate the U.S. with America. They're totally different things.

  America is a unique concept, and it was an excellent concept. Its values—what it stood for, at least in theory—were actually unique in the world's history. 

But people conflate that with the U.S., which is now really just another one of the 200 nation-states that cover the face of the Earth. I'm all for the idea of America. It's unique, it's good, it's wonderful. But the U.S. is just another nation-state, like Burundi, Burma, or Ecuador—there's a less and less practical difference. Be especially careful when you conflate the U.S. and America.

My thoughts:

Which is stronger?

Who really has the power -- the dog or the fleas?

What is the relationship? (the fleas suck the life-blood from a noble creature of God)

Politicians are non-essential.

If we can vote for some clown on, Dancing with the Overpaid Egotists, -- we can, via cell phone vote for anything.

Do we need representatives, who represent special interests, not our own?

Dude, where's my country?

Rich L..........out..........

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