Saturday, August 1, 2020

Turning up the FEAR : Brain damage worry...Zombie syndrome....Shutdown of the economy essential to make a Trump-Recovery impossible - (making sure NO Biden/Trump TV debates) -


be careful with jokes [true] maybe after this election….

a "off color joke" like mentioned, could cost a year in jail.

No "polish jokes" or satire are allowed in public or on social network.

Our 'First Amendment Right' can no longer be exercised without pushback and penalty.

Times of dumb, innocently joking around, is over.

They want a humor-less society in the future. Even 'soft humor' could insult "somebody", even the dead.

Global slavery happened, sadly, somewhere still happening....EVIL humans !

Old comedy shows are being censored for re-runs.

Old western classics are no longer being shown.

John Wayne is out !

Our past is being erased !

It's a sad time !

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

> On Jul 9, 2020, at 13:52, Rich wrote:
> Hey -- wait a minute!
> Be careful with the:
> Jokes.

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