Saturday, August 1, 2020

reparations, confiscations, democrat communist takeover: defund

Farms and Ranches may be a good investment.
Along I-80 in Wyoming are remote patches of land livable and survivable,
with fast highway access to Salt Lake city and Denver for big city services.
Mostly white people in many areas.
Low population density means
low germ virus density.
Avoid disease by avoiding excessive people.

Negro reparations for slavery may be the reality if Biden gets elected.
Big $$$ for each negro.
Nigeria is the #1 source of legal immigrants to USA.
Were never slaves.
This will never be fair.

Africa is not in America.
Africans cannot be healthy in America.
Negro skin is black.
Needs equatorial African environment.
Africa is a huge continent
designed to keep negroes happy and healthy.

Need to give negroes a free ticket home.

Hi Joe
I agree.

It may be too late to do anything about the current millennials but we might be able to stop them in the future.

I guess you saw that they toppled two insignificant statues here.

One was Father Serra,
and the other Christopher Columbus, both on the Capitol grounds.

Saw a program on what happens next.

If Biden is elected,
some in the Dem Party are in favor of seizing assets of the wealthy.

This means bank accounts and property.

Better look after your backside.

Am thinking about a Swiss bank account again,
or something like it to get away from this mess.


Subject: defund

University catastrophe

Much went online

Big question on enrollment collapse

UC picked first negro president

Beginning of the end?

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