Friday, August 14, 2020

Oregon move: Hi

Hi Jim,

My apartment lease ends in April.
I will probably just move to Eugene Corvallis Ashland Klamath Falls….
College Towns emptied by the pandemic leaving lots of empty apartments,
Nationwide good prices, high quality, resort style living.

Washington is better than Oregon because of zero income tax.
But the big college is in Seattle riot zone.

Oregon has better college locations small towns.
But Oregon a high income tax and worse economy.

Both Oregon and Washington have bad politicians who cannot keep order.
BLM Antifa loot riot people, hippies, addicts,...

I am in a good area,
lots of good areas in Missouri Arkansas.
But needs electricity ,
heating and air conditioning.
people fat stuck indoors eat junk food, drive everywhere, get sick.

I think Oregon Washington Coastal Area is better if avoid mold and Tsunami.
Easier to get off the grid along the mild weather pacific coast, eat seafood,...
Milder weather year round, especially along the ocean.
West of I-5 is probably better.

I lived there most of my life, San Francisco, San Diego,...
Including Humboldt County Eureka Arcata California,
which is "the State of Jefferson" like Oregon.
Huge block of rugged land with very few people.
Begins an hour north of San Francisco Sacramento,
all the way up to Eugene Salem Portland,
Extends east thru Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Dakotas, Minnesota, Michigan large uninhabitable regions.

We first went to Ashland Oregon in July 1958.
I really liked it - cooler weather than New Mexico, forests, water,…

Many trips since then,
all in the summer,
all good.
The problem is the far north cold dark winters, mold, tsunami,…

I had no problem with winter in Humboldt county a few miles south of Brookings Oregon.
But summer is better - high temperature 66.
We only had 70 degrees a few times in 7 summers there.

Winter I was trapped indoors once for 3 days constant rain.
but almost every day I could get out and walk for hours.
Often partly sunny, even in winter.

The problem is the people - criminals, hippies, addicts, poverty,…. must learn to avoid.

It will be a big moving ordeal,
but I am already started packing, organizing, planning.
I moved often before.
continue to throw away stuff.
Make it easier to move.
it may take several moves in Oregon Washington to find the best spot.
College apartments a good place to start.
Can always walk around campus for hours per day safely, go to library, gym, etc.

Medford is also a good central location.
Wet stormy weather on the coast.
Cold deserts inland.
Bad weather and geography forced roads and most of the population and housing along I-5.

I may stop 6 months in Laramie Wyoming on the way.
Farther south than Oregon. more sun.
High dry 7000 foot elevation. zero income tax.
No riots, good LLC laws, blockchain laws, supercomputers,….
You can keep your plates drivers license 1 year in wyoming.
But dry skin year round.
Cold, freezing, snow in winter.
Probably Oregon is better.

From: Jim

Hey Joe... It's Cousin Jim.

Just wondering when you're coming to check things out here in Oregon.

You're welcome to come and stay at my place if you want…

It's just me here now, and I'm usually working.

I have plenty of room,
and you can go explore the areas you've mentioned moving to;

lots of things here to see and do,
and everything else is 1-4 hours away.

You could fly into Medford International and rent a car and have a base camp.

It cools down around the end of September,
and it's really nice until mid November.

Then it's iffy,
but never like Missouri, lol.

it'd be great to see you again.


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