Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Negro UC president talks hip hop, civil rights, climate change

Dear Professor Kaufman,

Grays Harbor in Washington State is a possible retirement area.
Zero income tax but high sales tax and property tax.

On the Ocean so very mild weather and clean air.
Seafood, free.
John Wayne's favorite fishing spot Hoquiam.
Professor Stoakley Swanson wanted to retire there.
Aberdeen the biggest town there.

Another spot is Port Angeles or
Sequim with 
Ferry to Vancouver British Columbia.
The mildest weather with very little rain, similar to Los Angeles.

Close enough to Seattle and Portland but not too close.
So can avoid the riots, Antifa, BLM…

Hard to find a good home on the West Coast.

UC Berkeley, UCLA etc got rid of SAT exam requirement for college admissions.
Students chosen by left wing administrators.

Big push to increase Black and Latino enrollment.
Reduce whites and asians.

The new UC president is a negro.

Looks like the end of an era.

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