Friday, August 7, 2020


Excellent article with little known historical details 

of now politicized historical events.

Will share.

Whenever somebody starts an analysis using the term American "Civil War"

 I understand that person doesnt know what they are talking about or being deliberately disingenuous with an agenda. 

Same thing when persons refer to "our  democracy."

 We are not a democracy

 We are a  representative republic which also contributed to our current dire predicament. 

Representatives now represent themselves and to the highest bidder.

Until Trump came along nobody represented the interests of the American people outside beltway.

 Either economically or their Constitutional individual rights.

Say what one will about Trump's mannerisms but he did miles more of what he said he was to do than any swamp member.

Most history I see on mainstream media is fake.

 WW2 lately is a glaring example.

 "WW2 was fought for freedom" 

The US "storming the beaches at Normandy was the greatest single act of WW2. "

Fact: Communist Soviet 
Union did the brunt of the fighting and they weren't fighting for "our democracy." 

Decimating 20 German divisions yet Western revisionist history seldom acknowledges the Soviet war effort.

While this discussion is an exercise in historical acumen 

the real reason all monuments are now targets is because that is Step 1 in standard insurgency technique.

 Erase ALL the target nation's history. 

The Left is more organized and ahead of patriots who spend valuable time discussing 

why something or somebody is or isn't a justified target to the perpetrators. 

Much like a man who gets sucker punched and reacts by analyzing his attacker' motives and thought patterns instead of immediate self defense.

Step 2 is now underway.i.e.

Tet Offensives springing up simultaneously in cities throughout the US. Jurisdictions will be controlled via cities. 

Patriots at some point will be forced to maintain a low level guerilla war from the countryside. 

This was the successful strategy employed by Communists in Vietnam. 

This time the table may be turned.

Just my thoughts,


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