Sunday, August 16, 2020

Germany: Police halt Berlin protests against coronavirus curbs

Germany: Police halt Berlin protests against coronavirus curbs

Some 20,000 protesters have rallied, with many ignoring social distancing rules and labeling the 'plandemic' a "false alarm."

A surge in cases has prompted calls for tougher measures against COVID-19 rule breakers.

described how coronavirus-skeptics had gathered for their 'Day of freedom, the end of the pandemic.'

a counterprotest was taking place, with

many citizens angry at those wanting to break the rules.

"The difference is the counterprotesters are wearing face masks, are keeping the [political correctness] social distance.

Whereas the other protesters are not, they have been shouting 'the pandemic never happened.'

And there was an interesting standoff between protesters and counterprotesters,"

"I talked to many of the protesters here and there is a wide variety of people who have come here from all over Germany.

I spoke with a bus driver who drove protesters here from the south of Germany,

protesting the coronavirus restrictions that have impacted the tourism industry."

She then described seeing verbal abuse from protesters, including one man who shouted in her face.

"He believed in conspiracy theories. (Enslavement time)

He believed Bill Gates was behind the coronavirus and wants to forcefully vaccinate everybody and the German government is helping him to do that,"

Government is getting tough on rule-breakers

The protests took place on the same day that German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said he wanted

tougher [forceful] action on COVID-19 against the 'sheeple' rule breakers.

"Anyone who deliberately endangers others must expect that this will have serious consequences for him,"

"Under Hitler we always had 100% compliance, on every rule".

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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