Saturday, August 1, 2020

blue states going after conservatives and ignoring rioters.: I Emailed my Congressman

Good points. 

The future is more important than the past. 

But 9/11 perpetrators should still be brought to justice, officially or inofficially  ( if still alive ).


My card carrying Progressive neighbor in Fresno despised Nunes

because he questioned cash flows and true motives behind legislation harmful to valley residents.

Never believed Pelosi or Feinstein gave a rats ass about a bird species or their habitat.

The needs and desires of the "unwashed" were simply blocking implementation of Agenda 21 and

California politicians all had a lucrative slice of the pie.

Have noticed Barr and the Feds are now arresting some Antifa rioters

while blue states going after conservatives and ignoring rioters.

Creeping Balkanization of the nation.

State run media ignores arrests and damage done by rioters.

Stop watching TV news.
Would one listen to Tokyo Rose broadcasts to get an accurate assessment of Allied progress in WW2?

     Am concerned less and less about C19.

Whether a bioweapon

which I believe or from an animal is increasing irrelevant as events unfold daily.

Imo C19 is spreading more rapidly but mortality rates dropping to where C19 would not qualify as a pandemic.

Very predictable for any virus.

Rioters and leftist political handlers are using C19 as cover.

Sheeple wear their mask and remain on house arrest.

One day you emerge to East Germany with travel bans.

No Constitution.

Privilege based on personality scores.

Retirements gone.

Maybe private property.

Political and economic reset.

Keep the little persons focused on C19 on the big screen.Ignore the little man Soros and others pulling the levers behind the drapes.                               

Regarding 911.

Nothing personal but I frankly dont care at this point.

Almost twenty years old.

Inside job.

Hard to argue with 4000 certified structural engineers and basic pyrotechnic chemistry.

Motive is greed.

Always the same.

Continued analysis imo is analogous to  studying the origins of the 1848 Mexican American War in the year 1860. 

Sixteen weeks until the election.

More accurately sixteen weeks until the flashpoint.

Have a glorious weekend.

Just my take,


I do believe Mr. Nunes is a target of media bias -- big-time -- same as Trump.

That means, there's a chance he's on our side.

I've sent letters myself for gun rights, freedom of medical choice (no vaccines) etc.

Although good to do, I have little confidence it will do anything. We'll see,

One can hope.

Rich L............out........

On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 4:36 PM Gregory 

I just sent this Email to my Congressman Nunes

Article on SGTReport.Com  dated July 10, 2020 title: 

"Documentary Claims COVID-19 Pandemic Is A 'Live Simulation Exercise' Which 196 Countries Signed Off On In 2005" .

The source is one hour plus YouTube video titled:

"NewsBreak 81: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live "Training & Simulation Exercise" under WHO"  dated July 6, 2020 and sourced by "Ramola D Reports"

Many names are mentioned to include Dr Fauci and Bill & M Gates Foundation.

I know that Mr Nunes is privy to secret intelligence sources but please make sure he is aware of this article and video.

The nation awaits arrests and justice.

Thank you.

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